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During a weekend rally, Trump claimed that Mark Zuckerberg was joined at the White House last week.


On Saturday :

Donald Trump gave a speech at a rally in Wilkes Barr.

Pennsylvania :

where he appeared to have momentarily

forgotten that he was no longer president.

The former president made the bizarre claim that Meta's CEO attended

a White House dinner as his guest "last week" while telling a tale of

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

"Last week,

  • eccentric -- he's eccentric -- Mark Zuckerberg came to the White House
  • kissed my ass all night," Trump said.
  • "Sir, I would like to have dinner, sir.
  • I like to have dinner. I like to get my beautiful wife.

Okay, Mark

come on. 'Sir, you're number one on Facebook. I would like to congratulate you. 

Thank you very much Mark. "I appreciate it," Trump said, imitating Zuckerberg.

In his campaign speech on Saturday

Trump added : 

Mark Zuckerberg admitted that in 2020 :

the FBI went to Facebook and the media and gave them false reports that

Russian misinformation was coming from Hunter Biden's laptop from hell

even though he knew it wasn't true. Real. So they went in and said

it was fake news from Russia."

The bizarre tale appeared to bring back Trump's memory of 

a White House meal in 2019 attended by Zuckerberg and another 

tech billionaire Peter Thiel, known for financing right-wing campaigns.

Similar statements have already been made by Trump about Zuckerberg. 

The previous year, after leaving Facebook

he claimed the executive used to come to the White House to kiss

his ass and called Zuckerberg "sick" for making the choice.

It is unclear why Trump believes the long-running dinner was held 

"last week" or whether Zuckerberg really showered the president with praise. 

The Independent contacted Meta for a reply on the subject.

Being banned since early 2021 makes the president's claim that

the Facebook CEO informed him that he is currently

number one" on the network

which is absolutely ridiculous.

  1. Since the FBI carried out a Mar-a-Lago search warrant
  2. last month to search for classified material
  3. Trump's rally on Saturday was his first campaign event.

At the event

Trump explained how serious and extensive the criminal investigation

was in his mind when he attacked the FBI and the Biden administration

before calling the president an "enemy of the people."

Meanwhile :

since the Mar-a-Lago raid, the FBI and the Department of

Homeland Security have issued warnings against an increase in

threats against federal investigators on social media.