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Trump has contaminated his social media app with QAnon content and conspiracy theories


On Tuesday morning, former President Donald Trump posted a number of inflammatory comments, many of which included the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The posts on his Truth Social account were the most public, unequivocal, QAnon promotion, and the QAnon-baiting that Trump has ever published, despite the fact that he previously endorsed QAnon-inspired calculations and theories.

  1. Repeat the QAnon slogan
  2. "Where do we go one
  3. we all go" in one. In another letter

he reposted an anti-intelligence community message from "Q" from 2017. The basis of the QAnon conspiracy theory revolves around Q, an anonymous user who sometimes posts on the 8kun platform using coded or symbolic language that is interpreted by followers.

According to supporters of this theory, the Democratic Party is dominated by diabolical cannibalism who eat children and run a demonic episode with celebrities and political elites who have been secretly responsible for the U.S.

government for decades. The account claims to document a secret conflict between Trump and the Democratic Party. None of the specific expectations made in the blogs have been met.

Trump's apparent support for the conspiracy theory and its myths delighted users of the QAnon forum. One of Trump's conspiracy theory posts received the most responses to QAnon's most popular forum, which simply said, "Wipe them down, sir." Others asked Trump to "shoot them out of orbit" and "sir, please finish them," referring to Qanun's enemies like Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden.

In addition to QAnon-related posts, Trump also reposted a photo of Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the phrase "your opponent is not in Russia" placed in black bars above their eyes for what he is. Social site on Tuesday.

The publication of the frenzy followed Trump's letter calling for his reinstatement as president, which read: 

  • "Declare the rightful winner, or call a new election now!"
  • Also from federal investigators who were paying more attention to him
  • after carrying out a search warrant at his Florida resort earlier this month
  • and recovering tons of sensitive information.

Trump made a number of inflammatory remarks in which he criticized the FBI in the weeks that followed, including unfounded allegations that the agency planted evidence and that the search was politically motivated.