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In a recent tape Trump approaches the Christian right and Ivanka is told to "get him in trouble."

In a recent tape Trump approaches

the Christian right and Ivanka is told to "get him in trouble."

In a recently discovered audio clip, Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump can be heard flirting with Christian right-wing leaders before the 2016 election.

The video appeared in Cynthia Lewin's recent documentary Battleground, which closely examines anti-abortion groups. The documentary claims that the tape was made 40 days prior to the 2016 presidential election, during a secret meeting between Trump and leaders of the Christian right.

In June of that year

  • there were rumors that Trump had met conservative Christians.
  • The documentary's audio was captured on September 29, 2016
  • during a different meeting.

The goal, according to Battleground, was to talk about how "Trump is investigating the Christian right's legislative and cultural agendas."

As Trump approaches

  • unnamed players can be heard speaking at first.
  • He then enters the meeting, greets everyone
  • and says, "This is a serious force."

Steve Bannon told attendees

who served as the Trump campaign's chief executive at the time, that they were key to this election. Evangelicals and conservative Catholics who have not voted or been inspired to vote must go to the polls.

 If we lose on November 8th, it will be due to the failure of Catholic and evangelical leaders to perform. You own your destiny.

Later in the film

Fox News TV and writer Robert Jeffress heard the Southern Baptist pastor at a large church in Dallas, saying

Only one candidate is running in this pro-life, pro-religious liberty, and pro-conservative justices on the Supreme Court election.

Only one candidate respectfully deals with the views of conservative Christians. This candidate is Donald Trump. "

In an email to The Independent, Jeffress testified to the authenticity of the quote and the chronology of the meeting.

The Supreme Court is then brought up

and Trump speculates that more than one judge could be appointed, saying, "And this president could choose -- I mean, it could be five. There'll probably be three. There may be four judges, but there may also be five judges. If Hillary Clinton walks into the room, it's over.

Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett were the three Supreme Court nominees nominated by Trump after taking office.

  1. Then, in the audio
  2. Trump was heard saying
  3. "Here's my daughter.

Ivanka Trump welcomes participants: "Hi, good morning everyone! This room is incredibly large and impressive.

These are the nation's most influential citizens.

  1. Her father told her before
  2. To tell her
  3. Get back to work now ".

Even though I adore your daughter, I still made you have problems with family planning. After Ivanka Trump, it seems that Eric Metaxas, a conservative Christian author and radio host, left the discussion.

In response, Trump said:

I get the impression that many women are content with the way parenthood is organised, but since they are aborting the child, I can't support that. I'll stop funding it .

Martaxis said:

But there are many Christians who don't believe in you, unless you're really shocked.

Ivanka Trump avoided answering questions about her views on abortion rights during her father's 2016 presidential campaign. She replied

"I'm not talking about my policy

 when asked if she supported abortion rights during an interview with Boston Public Radio in February 2016.

I don't believe that is my responsibility;

I think the candidate should. I'm the kid. My political opinions don't seem to matter to the conversation.

She reaffirmed her position in October 2020, telling Real Clear Politics that she "unapologetically" opposed abortion rights.