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NY AG Letitia James accuses Donald Trump and his son Eric of fleeing a massive fraud lawsuit


NY AG Letitia James accuses Donald Trump

and his son Eric of fleeing a massive fraud lawsuit

Letitia James, the New York attorney general, filed a major fraud case against Donald Trump and his family business nearly three weeks ago, and her office now accuses the former president of "gaming skill" for evading the formal handover of the lawsuit.

According to the Attorney General's most recent court document in the case, almost all 16 defendants had formally accepted 220 pages in the case as of Friday.

Trump and his son Eric Trump

who has been actively running the Trump Organization since his father won the 2016 presidential election, appear to be the only two defendants who have not been served.

In a subsequent filing filed in late September, the Attorney General's Office stated that James had made sincere efforts to serve the complaint on each accused, but that his efforts had been hampered by the "gaming skill".

The footnote in that file states :

Official service was only finally performed because of the defendants' expertise, not because the Office didn't work hard enough.

She also stated that Alina Hiba, Trump's attorney, "never responded" to emails from the attorney general asking her to accept service on Trump's behalf.

Requests for comment from Hiba

lawyers for Eric Trump and the attorney general's office, were not immediately met.

In order to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in loans and tax benefits over the past 10 years, the lawsuit, filed on 21 September, claims that Trump's real estate empire and golf resort often overvalued its property.

a $250 million punishment and a Trump-related ban

  1. from doing business in New York are required in the case. 
  2. James stated that she intended to try
  3. the case before the end of 2023.

But according to three former assistant prosecutors from the New York office who spoke to Insider, Trump's team will exhaust all options to prolong legal proceedings.

The investigation that led to the lawsuit was postponed by Trump's team for nearly two years, largely through petitions and appeals challenging the attorney general's request for records and documents.

Michael Cohen provides guidance to

the Justice Department as they search for missing Trump documents.

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former personal lawyer and "moderator," suggested that the Justice Department investigate the possibility that the former president had filmed sensitive documents while appearing on MSNBC on Sunday morning.

 Cohen also advised the Justice Department to proceed with charging the former president over the theft and subsequent lying of government files.

Trump's former "fixer"

 rushed into his interview with anchor Ali Velshi about how he and the MSNBC broadcaster would actually be in prison if they dealt with the Justice Department the way Trump did.

Cohen began responding to a New York Times story alleging that Trump planned to use stolen documents as a negotiating tool to obtain details about the FBI's investigation into ties between his 2016 campaign and Russians.

"This whole case is so crazy. 

The need that we remain seated while playing this game

  1. With a former President of the United States?
  2. "I want my documents back?
  3. Cohen said, "They're not entitled to it."

"First and foremost, they are not his.

" Secondly, we know he has more documents. We know that because of the file folder, it will specifically mention the number of documents in it.Naturally, there are more of them.

Additionally, we need to know if he also took any photos of the documents. He is currently practising the art of the deal, even if he did not author this book.

But he plays the art of the bargain, where he says, "I'll exchange this for you," - this is unprecedented. "

He explained : 

If it were you, and without a doubt if it were me, we would be in jail in 24 hours.

They just gave him the impression that he had more authority than he actually had because they made him feel fulfilled. I'll trade you this top-secret intelligence, but I need details on the Russia probe, he reasoned.

 Well, that's a little side note for Donald

and I hope he watches the show today. You're president of the United States for four years, and you had your little dog from Jeff Sessions to Attorney General Bill Barr there. You could have had it, of course you could. "