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The number of victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida has risen to 45

The number of victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida has risen to 45

On Saturday, Florida state authorities announced that the number of victims of Hurricane Ian had risen to 45, with more than 1.2 million people without power.

"At least 45 people died as a result of Hurricane Ian, which hit Florida last Wednesday," CNN reported, citing local authorities.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that "

the storm has caused historic damage to the state and will take years to fully recover, with more than 1.2 million consumers still without power in the state ".

US President Joe Biden said Friday that the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian in Florida was likely to be among the worst in US history, and directed that every possible action be taken to save lives.

The storm caused flooding, road collapses, trails and power outages, and rescue operations continued.

Declaration of a state of emergency in Florida as Storm Ian approaches

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency as Storm Ian approached the Caribbean Sea towards the state.

DeSantis called on Floridians to prepare for the storm, which was expected to affect only 20 counties, but the warning was launched Saturday for the entire state.

  • This storm might develop into a significant hurricane, he added.
  • We encourage Floridians to prepare
  • He noted coordination with local government agencies to track potential impacts.

Florida now has a state of emergency, according to US President Joe Biden.

He requested the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate disaster relief efforts and provide the assistance required to protect life and property.

  • The National Hurricane Center is likely to strengthen Ian in the coming days
  • reaching Florida midweek
  • and has called on residents to observe storm trajectory updates.

Ian is expected to become a major hurricane on Monday

with winds on Saturday reaching 75 km/h, as observed about 370 km south of Jamaica.

John Kangaloosi of the Miami Hurricane Center said it was not yet clear where Ian would hit hard in Florida, calling on residents to gather supplies and prepare for possible power outages.

Carolina's next destination. The number of victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida has risen to 42

The number of victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida has risen to 42, and it continues to walk towards the Carolina coast, after destroying a large portion of Florida's coastline over the past two days.

"We have to understand that Ian's transition to a post-tropical cyclone does not mean that he is no longer a danger," the National Hurricane Control Center told CNN television.


The National Hurricane Center issued hurricane warnings for storms along the coasts of North and South Carolina.

Local authorities urged the state's residents to expedite the completion of storm protection preparations.

"Significant flooding" is expected in the coasts of the two States, as well as in the coast of Virginia (southeast), according to the Centre.

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden declared Florida 

2.6 million people still lack power as a result of the hurricane, which devastated parts of the state's southwest and caused widespread catastrophic damage.

On Wednesday, Hurricane Ian swept across Florida's Gulf Coast to hit it with strong storms and heavy rain.