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ISIS adopts attack on shrine in Shiraz, southern Iran


ISIS adopts attack on shrine in Shiraz, southern Iran

ISIS claimed the armed attack on Wednesday, targeting a religious shrine in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz, killing at least 15 people and wounding others, according to the extremist group's Amaq agency on Telegram.

The agency stated that

  1. "a fighter from the Islamic State"
  2. carried out the attack targeting "
  3. a number of Iranian police elements and wardens

 Then Shi 'a groups inside the shrine 

 some 20 Shia people were killed and dozens of others injured ".

Iranian officials reported that the attack was carried out by an armed "takfiri terrorists" who had been arrested at the time of Iranian President Ibrahim Raiki's pledge of a "firm response" to the operation.

Armed attack on a shrine in Shiraz, southern Iran

Tehran: The toll of victims of the "terrorist attack", which targeted Wednesday as a religious shrine in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz, has risen to 13 deaths and 40 injuries, according to state television.

Television reported that

"at least 13 people were killed and 40 injured" after an armed attack targeting Marqab Shah Gragh ("King of Light"), Mr. Ahmed bin Musa al-Kadhim, brother of Imam Reza, the eighth infallible imam of the ethnic Shi 'a.

A preliminary result reported by the judiciary's Mezan Online website reported nine deaths and 10 injuries.

The Iranian media

  • initially reported that three militants had carried out the attack
  • two of whom had been arrested. However
  • Kazim Mousavi, a judiciary official in Fars province
  • with the status of Shiraz
  • that only one terrorist was involved in this attack  to State television.

State television reported that the detainee was a "takfiri terrorist", a term commonly used to refer to militants belonging to extremist religious organizations.

For its part

Fars noted that a woman and two children were among the victims, adding that those arrested were "not Iranian."

Early last April

two Shi 'a clerics were killed and a third injured after being stabbed at the threshold campus in the city of Mashhad (north-east), which is home to thousands of worshippers every day.

The perpetrator of the attack was stopped by security forces, who officials indicated was aged by "takfiri currents". He was of Uzbek origin, aged 21, and his death sentence was carried out in June.