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Nuclear weapons clatter continues in North Korea and Kim declares: No negotiation with Washington and Seoul


Nuclear weapons clatter continues in North Korea and Kim declares:

 No negotiation with Washington and Seoul

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has refused to engage in dialogue and negotiation with the United States and South Korea, stating that his country does not consider it necessary.

"Enemies continue to talk about dialogue and negotiations and threaten us militarily," Kim was quoted as saying by North Korea's Central News Agency. We have nothing to talk about with them, we have no such necessity ".

The North Korean leader warned that 

  1. Deliberate and irresponsible steps to escalate tensions"
  2. by these States will only lead to a reaction
  3. Stronger than Pyongyang.

In the same vein :

North Korea's Central Agency stated that the leader "Kim Jong Un" inspects military exercises of tactical nuclear weapons units, noting that Kim gave "Field directives" for these exercises, which were conducted from September 25 to October 9, in conjunction with the United States and South Korea conducting naval exercises "a large-scale participant in the East Sea, in which a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, an Aegis destroyer and a nuclear submarine participated".

On Sunday :

the North Korean army reportedly conducted a series of live-fire exercises, including rocket launches of (extremely large) calibre to target enemies' main ports, as well as crowds of long-range aviation and artillery units.

North Korea's official agency stated that on September 28,

To load tactical nuclear warheads, it conducted "simulated ballistic missile launch exercises."

The North Korean Central News 

Kim Jong Un, the leader, was quoted as saying:

The recent exercises also served as a "clear warning and evidence" to inform North Korean enemies of the nuclear response position, the statement continued. This is the verification of the operational position of our war deterrent, and at the same time it is an occasion to demonstrate the credibility of the overall readiness of the state's nuclear defence posture.

and nuclear attack capabilities.

  • Kim said his country was not interested in talks with the United States
  • and South Korea, pledging to strengthen North Korea's nuclear power
  • while South Korea's Yonhap News Agency commented

stating that for the first time in about a month, Pyongyang's state-controlled media have published reports of his declared activity.

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have escalated against

 the backdrop of North Korea's launch of a medium-range ballistic missile over Japan last week, and strong responses by South Korea, the United States and Japan.

Additionally, worries are growing that North Korea might carry out a nuclear test soon.

The North Korean Parliament had approved a new law last month that allowed the regime to conduct pre-emptive nuclear strikes, while Kim had stated that the new law made the country's nuclear power situation "irreversible."

Agency: Kim Oversaw Tactical Nuclear Weapons Exercises

North Korean state media reported at dawn on Monday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was inspecting military exercises for tactical nuclear weapons units.

According to South Korea's Yonhap agency, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un asserted that he had "nothing to talk about with the enemy and does not feel the need to do so."

Kim's remarks came

While attending the Korean Army Tactical Nuclear Operations Unit training

The Long Range Artillery Unit and the Air Force Squadron were conducted from September 25 to October 9, while the United States and South Korea were conducting large-scale joint naval exercises in the East Sea involving an aircraft carrier and a nuclear-powered submarine.

According to the Korean News Agency, Chief Kim said:

"In line with the important task of our nuclear warfare force as a war deterrent, we strongly maintain the ability to respond quickly and accurately even under unforeseen circumstances and at any time, and the ability to respond to the nuclear situation."

He added that this time, through actual training

I have become more convinced that tactical nuclear operations units can be given a heavy military mission to deter war".

This confirmed our position as a war deterrent and gave us the chance to show how trustworthy our country's overall posture on nuclear defence is.

Kim stated that crowded military movements of

 enemies are being sensed

Continuing, deliberate and irresponsible actions by the United States and the south Korean regime will inevitably provoke a greater response from us.

Pyongyang had always closely monitored the situation.

The North Korean leader said:

First and foremost, we must send a clearer message to enemies who escalate the situation in the region by periodically attracting enormous power with a stronger and more resolute will and action.

He added:

We will closely monitor the unstable safe environment on the Korean peninsula and the military movements of enemies that cannot be overlooked, and if necessary we will vigorously implement all corresponding military countermeasures.

 We will maintain and strengthen in every way the strongest nuclear response situation ".