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Trump believes he could sue Congress after his first trial. They can't do this to me.


Trump believes he could sue Congress after his first trial. They can't do this to me.

After the House voted to uphold the articles of impeachment against him, former President Donald Trump sought retaliation against Congress.

According to HuffPost, the former president vowed to sue Congress after his first trial. This claim is described at length in Maggie Haberman's book Man of Trust: Making Donald Trump and Breaking America.

Reports on the book's excerpts published prior to its release were published by a number of media outlets.

Trump allegedly requested legal action after the House passed impeachment provisions in 2019

after a formal House investigation revealed that he pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate the son of his Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden," CNN reported.

"I'm just going to sue Congress. Trump said, according to excerpts from the newly published book.

In addition, before the 2016 debate with former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Trump made comments in the book. Later, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus asked if she could use the women's toilet.

I have a question, ready or removed? ", Trump retorted.

"in reply to the query.

 According to the news source, Trump reportedly questioned before getting "blank looks" and made a "chopping gesture." With or without a rooster? "He is fuller.

This week, additional comprehensive reports from the book also emerged. 

On 4 October 2022, the novel "Man of Trust" by Haberman is scheduled to be published.

In the book :

  • Haberman also shares that during their first meeting
  • former President Donald Trump asked then
  • British Prime Minister Theresa May a strange question
  • about how she would respond if her daughter was assaulted 
  • by many people wearing body art.

Haberman claims that Trump spoke about abortion during his first meeting with Mrs May when the conversation veered into Northern Ireland.

Some people support abortion, while others support life.

 Imagine if some contaminated animals raped your daughter and got pregnant? 

"He reportedly said.

Turning to former Vice President Mike Pence, Mr. Trump informed Mrs. May that he was the "hard person" in discussing abortion.

While in office :

Trump made an effort to win over his audience of strongly anti-abortion evangelical Christians. 

  • Three conservative Supreme Court justices appointed by him
  • Some individuals support abortion, while others support life.
  • voted in June this year to overturn Roe v
  • Wade and overturn constitutional protections for abortion.

However, Trump is also known to have previously expressed greater support for abortion, claiming in a 1999 interview with Meet The Press that he was "pro-choice in all respects."