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151 killed in South Korea and the Halloween killer


South Korea.. Dozens injured and victims caused

by stampede during Halloween celebrations (photos + video)

Yonhap News Agency reported on Saturday night that about 100 people were injured in a stampede in Seoul during a massive crowd in the central South Korean capital to celebrate Halloween.

A large-scale incident took place this afternoon in Taiwan Dong Yongsan Jo in Seoul, where crowds gathered to celebrate Halloween.

The fire :

department stated that it had received reports one by one, of people complaining of difficulty breathing, etc., near the Hamilton Hotel in Taiwan.

She explained that the CPR Fire Department helped dozens of people who had suffered a cardiac arrest and were taken to a nearby hospital.

The agency :

noted that the parties were held at various venues on the weekend before Halloween.

The incident is believed to have occurred during a rally in a narrow alley on a ramp road near the Hamilton Hotel.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police will establish a headquarters to investigate the specific circumstances of the incident, such as whether companies in and around Taiwan have fulfilled their safety procedures.

Horror feast deserved his name in South Korea..

Witness to stampede tragedy reveals horrific details

A witness spoke of the stampede in South Korea's capital Seoul, which killed 154 people, sharing his experience of carrying the bodies of the dead and watching many people suffocate to death.

"I think I carried about 50 bodies

everything I thought I had to save even only one person," the man, who works in a shop in the Etiwan neighborhood, told Yonhap News on Sunday night.

Once he had rushed the narrow alley

which was 3.2 metres wide

  1. there were already people trapped
  2. and run over by feet
  3. some of whom were unconscious.

"I was able to take out someone who was buried under the bodies," he continued, adding, "I am truly grateful that I was able to save even one person."

The witness :

whose shop is directly on the other side of the sloping alley, said he had seen a gathering he had never seen before. He added: "I felt that the crowd in the alley on this day was different from any other time, and I would have hoped that it would have been pre-controlled to prevent such a tragedy."

Surveillance cameras show the crowd dancing in front of waiting ambulances, while medical staff rushed to the victims' rescue.

The witness said:

Many thought this was a Halloween show, even after the firemen arrived at the site to perform pulmonary resuscitation of the injured and with the sounds of "save me" heard resoundingly.

Most of those gathered at the scene were ordinary people who had united to save the youth's lives. "I wasn't talking about the story of my heroism."

At least 133 people were injured in Korea's deadliest crowd

  • in the famous nightlife area
  • on Saturday night
  • after tens of thousands of
  • people gathered in the area to celebrate Halloween.

Some 100 thousand people visited Seoul's famous area to celebrate abroad, marking Seoul's first Halloween celebration in 3 years, after the country lifted most coronavirus measures. Many wore Halloween costumes.

The President of South Korea inspects the scene of a tragedy defending Halloween.

South Korean President Yun Seok-yul on Sunday inspected the scramble site during Seoul's "Halloween" celebrations, which left at least 151 dead and 82 wounded.

South Korea's president declared a national mourning until November 5 and ordered flags to be deflated in government buildings and public offices.

South Korea's recreational events cancelled to mourn victims of bloody stampede

South Korean media reported that local authorities, music stars and brands canceled their events in the country due to mourning the deaths of more than 150 people in the Seoul stampede.

Hangyoreh wrote that all ceremonial and official events in Seoul had been cancelled. The Taiwan Special Tourist Area Council decided to close about 100 facilities around the Taiwan Road, where the tragedy occurred, on Sunday and tomorrow Monday.

A number of events have also been cancelled in other cities and regions, where the authorities and businessmen in shops and other institutions dispose of Halloween tools, in order to join the national mourning that will continue until the end of November 5.

For its part

  1. the renowned band BTS
  2. Big Hit has announced that
  3. it is postponing

all its events associated with

the release of member Jin's debut single "TheAstronaut."

  • For its part
  •  SM Entertainment
  • which includes Girls' Generation EXO
  • Super Junior, NCT and Aespa music groups
  • announced that it was canceling its Halloween celebrations.

Italian brand Gucci said it would not hold the Gucci Cosmogonie fashion show which was scheduled for November 1 in Seoul.

The Busan OneAsia Festival, which was planned for Sunday evening in Busan City and the Halloween Festival at Legoland Theme Park in Chongchong City, was also canceled.

Seoul's stampede casualties rise to 151

South Korean authorities announced on Sunday that the number of victims of the Seoul stampede had risen to 151, with 82 injured, including 19 seriously.

The stampede occurred during Halloween celebrations in the Itayon recreational area of central Seoul late on Saturday evening, near the Hamilton Hotel in the famous nightlife district, after tens of thousands flocked to the area to celebrate Halloween.

Describing the incident as "truly horrific"

Yoon added: "There was a tragedy and disaster that should never have happened in central Seoul last night at the Halloween celebrations."

South Korean President Yoon Sok-yul lamented "a tragedy and disaster that should not have happened", promising that his Government would conduct a "rigorous" investigation to determine the causes of the tragedy, which was one of the most serious disasters in South Korea's history.