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Eric Trump implores his dad to appear before the 6 January committee and "make popcorn"

Eric Trump implores his dad to appear before

the 6 January committee and "make popcorn"

The 6 January committee investigating the Capitol riots recently subpoenaed former President Donald Trump. Trump's son Eric encourages his father to testify before committee members

Eric Trump made the remarks Friday at the "ReAwaken America" rally in Mannheim, Pennsylvania. During the event, he also made a quick call to his father to make him address the crowd.

The House Select Committee summoned Donald Trump to testify before the committee about his alleged involvement in efforts to invalidate the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The former president may use

the occasion to talk about false claims that the 2020 election was rigged

  1. according to Eric Trump
  2. who added that his father's participation before
  3. the committee could be entertaining.

"My father finally obtained a subpoena from the 6 January committee. Has anyone seen this? "Trump said.

"This deceptive commission.

  1. And I'm telling you
  2. I just said to him, "I'm going.
  3. "you have to testify because that

would be the greatest entertainment.

Who wants to watch Donald Trump discuss electoral fraud in the USA while sipping beer and making popcorn? "He said.

Following the audience's ovation and cheers

Trump called the former president and praised the "incredible crowd" while praising his son as a "great man."

The former president said by telephone:

We will return this country because our country was not in as bad a state as it is now.

When the committee formally ordered the former president to testify on November 14 either in person at the U.S.

Capitol or remotely, on January 6, it acknowledged the gravity of the historic subpoena. In addition, they called on Trump to hand over the paperwork related to his text messages and telephone calls.

"As explained in our hearings

we have gathered compelling evidence, including from dozens of your former appointees and employees, that you have personally coordinated and supervised a multi-part effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election Trump was warned by the committee not to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power.

In response

  1. the former President reiterated
  2. the unfounded allegations of election fraud in 2020
  3. in a post on his website Truth Social, saying

"The Election Fraud Commission has not worked.

The unelected Commission has continued a mock trial that has never been seen in this State, despite very low television ratings ".

Doug Mastriano

  • the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania

  • attended the "ReAwaken America" event as well.

The tour does not focus on QAnon

  • according to Clay Clark
  • the creator of the event
  • who denied any association with those defending
  • the QAnon conspiracy theory.

When Trump threatened journalists with rape in prison

his supporters laughed and cheered

Former President Donald Trump set a record by referring 334 secret criminal investigation leaks during his administration. In addition, he said during his rally on Saturday night that reporters who broke the news of the Supreme Court's preliminary ruling overturning Roe v.

 Wade would identify their sources threatened with rape in prison.

The audience enjoyed it.

You know, they're leaking information all across this country, even in the Supreme Court, Trump remarked.

By the way, you have to find the leaker from the Supreme Court. You need to find the leaker. Do you know how to find a leaker? "


Trump began his detailed strategy to find out who was the source that gave Politico a draft of Judge Samuel Alito's decision claiming that "Roe was grossly wrong from the beginning."

"Take the writer and/or publisher of the paper, a particular paper you know, and say," Who is the monk? 

"Trump said at the rally.

  1.  "And they say
  2. we won't tell you.
  3. " And then [you] say, 

"That's good.

You're going to jail. And when this person realizes that he's going to be another prisoner's bride very soon, he'll say, "I'd like to tell you exactly who this leak is [is].

It was Bill Jones

  1. I swear he was the leaker.
  2. And we got it.
  3. But they don't want to do that. "