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Acquittal of a Trump ally on charges of acting as a foreign agent of the United Arab Emirates


Acquittal of a Trump ally on charges of

acting as a United Arab Emirates' foreign agent

The US judiciary acquitted businessman Thomas Barack, an ally of former President Donald Trump, of "working as a United Arab Emirates' foreign agent ."

Barak was also acquitted of "obstruction of justice" and "making false statements to FBI officers (F. B. i) in 2019 about his dealings with UAE officials and representatives. "

The Wall Street Journal

  • said the verdict asserting that Barack was not guilty of
  • lying to federal investigators dealt a further blow to
  • the Justice Department has encountered a number of

setbacks in its years-long

  1. efforts to address what it
  2. considers to be a hidden foreign
  3. influence in American politics.

The judgement concluded a 6-week trial before a federal court in Brooklyn.

Prosecutors accused Barack last year of

using his influence gained by working on the Trump campaign in the 2016 presidential election and approaching his administration's decision-making circles to serve the political interests of the UAE, without notifying the US Attorney General as required by law that he acts as an agent of the Middle East.

Barack, 75 :

testified during the trial and said his dealings with Middle Eastern officials came as head of Colony Capital, now known as Digital Bridge.

In exchange for his services

prosecutors said that the OPEC member state had provided $374 million to Colony from its sovereign wealth funds for investment in 2017 and 2018.

Barack helped raise funds for

the Trump campaign in 2016 and oversaw his inauguration committee in 2017.

Many of Trump's associates

and allies were convicted in recent criminal trials, while others pleaded guilty to charges, and Trump pardoned some before leaving the White House.

During his testimony, Barack told jurors that he had never agreed to be an agent of the United Arab Emirates or to have asked Trump for a pardon.

Seven counts.

Federal trial of a Trump loyalist accused of

using his influence to secretly promote UAE interests

The jury began its deliberations in a federal trial of a loyalist to former US President Donald Trump, accused of using his influence to secretly promote the interests of the UAE.

Billionaire Thomas Barack, 75,

  • is a California millionaire who has been close to Trump for a long time.
  • who previously chaired Trump's inauguration committee
  • at the White House and is among a long line of
  • Trump associates facing various criminal charges.

An indictment filed Tuesday

in federal court in New York accuses Barack of working for years to secretly advance Emirati interests through his influence in Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and administration.

The seven-count indictment also accuses Barack of obstructing justice and making multiple false statements in a 2019 interview with federal authorities, according to the network.

According to the indictment

  • Barack informally advised U.S.
  • officials on Middle East policy
  • and also sought to appoint him to a high-level role in the U.S.
  • government, including as special envoy to the Middle East.

Barak has pleaded not guilty to acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government, obstructing the course of justice and making false statements, and has strongly denied the charges against him.

In closing arguments Tuesday

Barack intended to act as the UAE's "eyes, ears, and voice," according to Assistant Attorney General Ryan Harris, as part of a criminal plot to influence Trump's foreign policy.

Defence lawyer Randall Jackson said Barack was an honest businessman who never hid any bad activity.