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Biden: Congressional election vote has seen historic rate and I will block Trump's return to the White House


Biden: Congressional election vote has seen historic rate

and I will block Trump's return to the White House

US President Joe Biden has said that voting in the congressional midterm elections has seen a historic rate, and that the election has seen no interference in its machinery or results.

Biden said : Constituency workers

  • voters and members of
  • the electoral commissions did their job with no
  • interference whatsoever."

Biden added that the midterm election

marked a good day for democracy in the United States, with a historic turnout, Americans sent a message that they wanted to protect democracy and free choice.

The President of

the United States expressed optimism about the position of the American public on what his administration had achieved, stressing that the economic policies implemented had led to the creation of 10 million new jobs, a "historic figure"

noting that

"the majority of the American people support my economic agenda and I am very confident that my policies are paying off and that we must uphold them".

I will continue to work to improve the lives of

citizens and I cannot control what Republicans will do," he added, noting that he intends to run for president again urgently in making the decision.

Biden stressed that he would work to not return former President Donald Trump to the White House

Washington denies any manipulation of

electronic voting machines

The head of the U.S.

Department of Homeland Security's cybersecurity agency, Jane Easterley, confirmed that the authorities did not record any manipulation of electronic voting machines during the congressional elections.

According to the Agency's statement :

"We have not observed any indications of destruction, loss of votes or modification of voting systems, in no way endangered in any electoral process in our country".

During the previous day's midterm elections, Americans voted for the entire House, about a third of the Senate and 36 state governors.

Trump calls midterm elections a big victory for him

Former US President Donald Trump described the results of the midterm congressional elections as "a great victory for him personally," though "somewhat disappointing" as he put it.

Trump wrote Wednesday on his

social media network Truth Social :

  •  Although yesterday's election was somewhat disappointing
  • in my personal view it was a very big victory 
  • 219 victories and 16 losses in total

(for the number of candidates Trump supported during the campaign).

Who had a better result than that? ".