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Biden confirms Democrats' ability to win election and warns of "two terrible years" in case of loss


Biden confirms Democrats' ability to win election

and warns of "two terrible years" in case of loss

US President Joe Biden stressed that Democrats will win the midterm elections next week but warned that it would be difficult for the next two years if polling projections validate a Republican victory.

The 79-year-old

Democratic president expressed optimism that his party could prevail. "I never think we're in trouble," he told a crowd in Chicago. I think we'll win. truly.

However :

  • warning that "if we lose Congress and the Senate
  • we will have two terrible years ahead of us."

"The good news is that I will have the veto right"

which allows the President to block any future Republican legislation. Biden stressed that "democracy is really at stake."

On Friday :

President Biden defended his economic achievements, trying to avoid a possible defeat for Democrats.

"We've made great progress over the last 20 months to strengthen the economy and my opinion is that we just have to keep it going," Biden said during a tour of San Diego in California.

The United States

is currently experiencing the worst inflation in 40 years

and price hikes have hampered Democrats' plans to maintain the majority. Biden promised to "cut" inflation, emphasizing in particular his administration's huge investments, especially in semiconductors and the climate.

Biden insisted that the United States retains "strengths":

In the labor market, for example, 261 thousand jobs were created in October despite high interest rates raising fears of a recession.

Former Republican President Donald Trump

who still has a strong grip on the Republican Party

has moved into the offensive.

During a gathering in Iowa

Trump left little doubt about his political plans and told supporters "I'll probably run" for election. "Get ready, that's all I can say.

We will restore America

  • and most importantly
  • in 2024 we will restore
  • our wonderful white house. "

In a new slip of tongue...

Biden talks about an expected accomplishment for General Motors by 3035.

US President Joe Biden

made a new lapse when he said that the country's largest automaker General Motors, will fully switch to electric vehicles "by 3035."

"General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra sued California because you have a higher emission standard than the rest of the country. She called me and said (the company cars) would be fully electric by 3035. "

A little earlier

Biden confused General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra and Amy Coney Barrett, a U.S. Supreme Court justice, but quickly rectified himself.