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Biden describes an Islamic country as a "place forgotten by God" and brandishes "gun" in the face of stagnation in America


Biden describes an Islamic country as a "place forgotten by God"

and brandishes "gun" in the face of stagnation in America

In controversial new remarks

US President Joe Biden called Afghanistan a "place God forgot" and jokingly threatened to use his "gun" to protect the US economy from recession.

Thursday at a lecture in San Diego

Biden said

  • "Many of you have gone to Afghanistan.
  • I've been in every part of it.
  • It's a place God forsaken place.

place forgotten by God "

the second time he had used the phrase after telling the story of a trip to Afghanistan within a 2008 congressional delegation, when they were stranded in the snow.

In another statement

  • on Friday that showed the U.S.
  • economy added 261 1,000 jobs in October.

He said: "The New York Times..

I called this report the Middle Case Report "and jokingly added" my gun with me waiting for the wolf, "which is not in line with the fact that presidential spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said Thursday that the White House is so confident in the state of the economy that it does not hold meetings to prepare for a possible downturn.

Biden's remarks prompted a combination of

irony and resentment among social media leaders.

One reader wrote:

He needs to be taken away because of his dangerous speech and lack of comprehension.

Another wrote:

They should have kept him in a basement until after the election if he was smart—which he obviously wasn't—or if at least his advisers were smart.

 Another called Biden a "disaster.

White House pledges to evacuate Afghan interpreter who saved Biden in 2008

The White House

pledged to evacuate the Afghan interpreter who was accompanying current US President Joe Biden during his trip to Afghanistan in 2008, and helped him with an emergency helicopter landing during a blizzard.

According to the newspaper : thetimes

Asked what the White House

could say to the interpreter who reportedly remained in Afghanistan after the fall of Kabul in the hands of the Taliban

White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki said:

We appreciate you fighting alongside us for the past 20 years. We appreciate you helping some of our loved ones through that blizzard. We'll express our gratitude for your assistance. That's what we hope to achieve.

The Wall Street Journal

wrote that the translator who assisted Biden in Afghanistan in 2008 was still in Afghanistan, unable to leave the country with U.S. troops who had completed the withdrawal on August 30.

According to the newspaper's information

the translator is now hiding from the Taliban.

The US authorities announced

the completion of their withdrawal from Afghanistan and the end of the 20-year US operation in the country, noting that more than 123 thousand people had been evacuated from Afghanistan, including 6 thousand Americans.


Washington left translator in Afghanistan

who helped save Biden in 2008

The United States left in Afghanistan an interpreter who helped in 2008 rescue Joe Biden and two other senators, whose plane was forced to land following a snowstorm in Afghanistan.

The translator


  • asked that his surname not be published
  • sent a message to Biden, saying
  • "Hello, Mr. President:
  • Save my family and I. Don't forget that I'm here.

The US newspaper said Mohammed

his wife and their four children were hiding from the Taliban after their years-long attempt to move out of Afghanistan was made impossible by bureaucracy, pointing out that they were among countless Afghan allies who fell behind when the US ended its 20-year military campaign in Afghanistan on Monday.

Mohammed was a 36-year-old

interpreter who worked with the United States Army in 2008 when two United States Army Black Hawk helicopters made an emergency landing in Afghanistan during a severe snowstorm

according to former Army personnel who collaborated with him.

Three U.S. senators were on board: Biden, John Kerry, and Chuck Hagel.

Mohammed boarded a Humvee with a quick reaction force from the National Guard and travelled for hours in nearby mountains to rescue them.

As a result

senators were safely extradited to the United States Air Force base in Bajram.