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CNN CEO explains that the new approach network will be taken when covering Donald Trump's 2024 presentation


CNN CEO explains that the new approach network

will be taken when covering Donald Trump's 2024 presentation

CNN's new CEO Chris Licht revealed to podcaster Kara Swisher the network's plan on how to cover former President Donald Trump as he stepped up to try to get him back. Licht said:

"Our fact-checkers are ready to go. We'll set the record straight. We won't let everything he does consume the news cycle, will we? other things are important ".

Licht criticized former CNN 

executive Jeff Zucker who said CNN focused on Trump and "let every little thing he does consume everything, and so you ended up talking about it for eight hours a day."

Licht said

  • "And we're not going to do that
  •  We will be very clear and take everything on
  • a case-by-case basis about the level of coverage that needs to be ".

Licht is also cleaning the house at CNN

and has imposed drastic spending cuts and reduced staff.

All this together will mean a significant change in this organization, Licht said in a memo to staff. "This, by definition, is worrying.

Because they will affect people, these changes won't be simple.

budgets and projects."

"When we appear on the other side

  • ready to overcome everything the global economy throws
  • at us and grow in the future."

According to the podcast summary :

Chris Ligt faces an uphill battle at CNN.

He got the CEO in the midst of a thorny merger between Warner Bros.

and Discovery

and after the shocking exit of his long-loved boss, Jeff Zucker.

In his first six months, he shut down CNN

ousted Brian Stelter, and switched reporters

including Don Lemon and Jake Tapper.

This week

  • the network's president held an internal meeting
  • at the City Council where he faced a team of
  • thousands and discussed forthcoming layoffs.

Shortly thereafter,

he sat down with Kara - with whom, of course, he grilled.

Licht asks if he has any real real power 

or simply carries out orders from Warner Bros.

  •  CEO. Discovery David Zaslav
  • looking for cuts
  • as the company stares at a $50 billion barrel of debt
  • and a billionaire board member, John Malone

who said he would like to see more "centrist" programming from CNN.

They discussed Licht's vision for the newsroom, his plan to build trust with journalists who fear job losses, and how CNN will cover Donald Trump during the 2024 election.