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Jan. 6 Commission staff angry at Liz Cheney for focusing on Trump reporting


Staff on 6 January committee are angry with Liz Cheney

for focusing too many reports on Donald Trump

Representative Liz Chen practiced

Republican member of Wyoming

a remarkable amount of control over most of the work of the Open and Closed Committee since accepting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's invitation to serve as Vice Chairman of the House Committee considering the attack on the Capitol in the United States. 6 January 2021.

The influence of Cheney on the Commission's final report has angered many current and former staff members of the Commission now, less than six weeks before the conclusion of the Commission's work.

They were frustrated

and outraged by Cheney's efforts to make

the report exclusively about the late President Donald Trump, and resisted the commission's transformation into what they now see as a platform for the political future of the departing Wyoming state legislator.

To address internal discussions

  • Fifteen former and current employees requested anonymity.
  • They expressed concern that important discoveries unrelated to

With public attention focused on a series of remarkable public hearings that focused on Trump's role in fueling the attack, public hostility within

the Jan.6 Committee had mainly emerged behind the scenes.

When it was reported earlier this month that a draft report would exclude packages of additional investigative work and focused almost solely on Trump and the work of the committee's golden team, many committee staff were surprised.

Many disclosures from the blue team

The team that investigated the inability of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to identify the imminent threat and plan the well-anticipated attack on the Capitol, may have been left on the cutting room floor or landed to an attachment.

The Green Group

  • which investigated the financing of the January 6 attack
  • and the Violet Group
  • which investigated militia and extremist organizations
  • will curtail most of their work as a result of the planned report.

A former staff member of the prison said:

We all came from prestigious jobs

and we gave up what we were doing because we were told this would be an important fact-finding investigation that would inform the public.

But when [the Committee] became the Cheney 2024 campaign

many of us became frustrated .

Responding to the criticism

Cheney's spokesman Jeremy Adler made a scathing comment to

the Washington Post on Wednesday.

Adler said :

"Donald Trump is the first president in American history to try to overturn elections and prevent the peaceful circulation of power.

So, really

  • and how he did it and making sure it
  • doesn't happen again."

Some staff members provided substantive material to

the report reflecting long-standing liberal biases about

the application of federal law


and social issues outside the scope of the Select Committee's work.

It would not sign any "narrative" indicating that Republicans are inherently racist or distort men and women in law enforcement, or indicate that every American believes God Bless America is a white supremacist.