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Elon Musk calls for revolution against internet censorship in America


Elon Musk

calls for revolution against internet censorship in America

American businessman Elon Musk called for a "revolution" against internet censorship in the United States, announcing the release of documents containing information about suppressing freedom of expression soon.

"A revolution against internet censorship in America,"

Musk wrote on his Twitter account.

Twitter documents to suppress freedom of expression will soon be released on Twitter itself, he added, noting that the community "deserves to know" the truth, but did not specify the type of documents involved.

Musk previously blasted Apple for banning Twitter ads.

"I hate freedom of expression in America," it declared.

Musk launched a survey on social media on whether Apple should release the full list of censorship actions that have affected its customers.

Nearly 1 million users have already taken part in the survey

with the vast majority answering yes to the Twitter owner's suggestion.

The Financial Times reported last week that a number of major brands had cut ad spending on Twitter due to Elon Musk's policy.

After several waves of layoffs and exits

  • Twitter's advertising team has dwindled
  • such a degree that many organizations no longer have contacts inside
  • the company and have received few or no messages in recent weeks.

Musk: Twitter could be kicked out of the App Store by Apple.

Twitter director Elon Musk announced that Apple threatened to remove Twitter from its app store without explaining why.

Musk said in a tweet that Apple had stopped advertising on Twitter, asking: "Do they hate freedom of

speech in America?"

He added in another tweet that Apple also threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store, but did not tell us why. "

He asked users :

 Do you know that Apple imposes a 30% tax

on each thing you buy from the "App Store"?

The Financial Times reported that leading advertising agencies had suspended their advertising on Twitter because of Musk's unpredictable attitudes about his management of the company.

" Financial Times" :

Major brands stop ads on Twitter due to Musk's decisions

The Financial Times reported that almost all major global brands temporarily suspended advertising on Twitter due to the chaotic approach of company owner Elon Musk.

A representative of the management of one of the four large advertising companies, which includes American Interpublic Group, Omnicom Group, French Publicis Groupe and British WPP

stated :

  • The situation is very strange
  • disruptive, and harmful to the company.
  • nothing like this has ever happened before .

Another Financial Times source said Musk had

"spooked even those advertisers who wished him success," writing that the US billionaire had personally contacted the heads of some companies with large brands and insulted them against the backdrop of declining advertising revenue, forcing others to reduce advertising spending on Twitter.

Advertisers' fears have intensified since Twitter's head of ad sales Robin Wheeler left. According to Bloomberg, Musk fired him last week, not agreeing to lay off more workers in his unit.

On October 27

Musk finished buying Twitter for $44 billion.

and on November 6

he announced his intention to provide paid account verification as part of his Twitter Blue subscription, and on November 10, the subscription sale was suspended due to an increase in the number of fake accounts.