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Trump tells his followers to "get ready" because he will decide on his candidacy "very shortly."


Trump tells his followers to "get ready" because he will decide on his candidacy "very shortly."

Former US President Donald Trump said he was "very" likely to participate in the election again, and promised his supporters to reveal his plans "very soon."

Trump told a Republican rally in Iowa on Thursday:

"I ran twice.

I won twice and again a much better result than the first, (with an estimated increase) of millions of votes in 2020 compared to 2016. "

He continued:

"Now, I am very, very likely to do it again in order to make our country successful, safe, and good," he said, repeating that this is "very, very, likely."

Trump then stopped to let the crowd chant his name before continuing: "That's all I can say. Get ready. very soon ".

Trump and current U.S.

  • leader Joe Biden are expected to announce their participation
  • in the 2024 presidential race
  • after next Tuesday's congressional midterm elections.

Trump plans to run to return to the White House in 2024

Former US President Donald Trump has announced his intention to run for the next presidential election in 2024.

Citing Trump's advisers

Reuters reported that he would launch a campaign after the November 8 congressional election to identify alliances he would create to strengthen the campaign.

One of his advisers revealed Trump's funny belief that launching his campaign in the light of Thanksgiving would bring him luck, and raise his campaign balance.

More than half of

  • Americans support neither current U.S.
  • President Joe Biden's candidacy
  • nor former President Donald Trump's 2024 new term.

An American judge appoints an independent financial observer

for the Trump Foundation. The last rejects: communism has reached our shores

A judge in the US state of

NewYork has ordered the appointment of an independent controller to oversee former President Donald Trump's financial statements after accusations that the company overstated its assets.

The judicial decision will limit the company's ability to enter into transactions, sell assets and change the structure of the company.

Judge Arthur Ingron said Trump and his company had "shown a tendency to defraud" and that the appointment of a third-party observer would prevent "further fraudulent or unlawful activities until the completion of the case."

A court in NewYork

is hearing a civil lawsuit against the Trump Organization

which is thought to have broken financial reporting laws to get tax breaks and other financial benefits.

The Trump Organization faces 10 counts

  • 15 counts against its former financier
  • and the prosecution
  • led by NewYork Attorney General Letitia James

is seeking whether Trump's company violated the law by providing low value for tax returns using high value for tax breaks and persuading creditors.

Democrat James is seeking a $250 million fine

and a permanent ban on Republican Trump from doing business within the state.

Trump denied all the allegations

slamming the judge's decision as "a puppet of the New York attorney general and other sworn enemies of the Republican Party."

Communism has arrived on our shores with this.

Business will escape New York

which is already happening, to other countries and countries. Calling on the courts in New York and Florida to halt what they called the "Inquisition," today's ridiculous decision was described as being politically motivated.

"and concluding:"

We need to fight extremist authoritarianism and save our country. "