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Ivanka Trump will not repeat the "vicious and toxic" presidential circus created by her father even if he "begs her"


Ivanka Trump will not repeat the "vicious and toxic"

even if he "begs her," her father's presidential circus

According to an insider revealed in US Weekly earlier this week, Ivanka Trump is unlikely to participate in her father Donald Trump's recently announced presidential campaign.

Ivanka had a rotten time approaching

  • when her father's rule came to an end and in the months that followed
  • with the whole family being juicy in
  • the chaotic way that it ended," the source says of Women Who Work, 41.

She saw first-hand how evil and toxic the absence was and still is, and by the time she walked away she couldn't do it quickly enough .

The New York City

  • native worked in her father's administration as a senior adviser.

  • however, a source close to him claims that if he wins re-election in 2024

  • she will not return to this position or take part in his campaign.

The New York

  • native served as a principal adviser in her father's administration
  • but an insider claims she would not do so again if he won in 2024.
  • Nor will she participate in his campaign.

Despite her father's pleading with her to take part in his campaign once more

Ivanka would reject her, the source tells us.

Her priority is to pursue a quiet

and low-level life now

and enjoy her new career in the private sector, raise her family and stay away from the circus and the ups and downs that will surely come with her father's campaign .

However :

Insiders reveal that there is no hostility between Ivanka

and the 76-year-old former Apprentice host.

The insider said :

She loves him so much and wishes him all the best

but" No "was not coming soon on this occasion .

After trying to overturn the 2020 election results

  • and twice having his first term impeached
  • The Art of the Deal's co-author announced his candidacy for
  • the November 15th, 2024 Republican presidential nomination

Ivanka told Fox News shortly after the announcement that she did not plan to cooperate with him as he ran for office again. I love my father so much, she said .

This time

I've made the decision to put my young kids and the private life we build together first. I'm not will participate in politics.

Arabella, 11, Joseph, 8, and Theodore, 6

are the sons of former model and husband Jared Kushner

whom she married in October 2009.

Watch the video above and capture the latest version of Us Weekly, currently on newsstands, for more information on Ivanka's views on her father's presidential candidacy.