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North Korea: US and Seoul will pay harsher price by date if they use armed forces against us


North Korea: US and Seoul will pay harsher price

by date if they use armed forces against us

North Korea warned that if Washington and Seoul tried to use the armed forces against it without hesitation, the special means of their armed forces would carry out their strategic mission without delay.

In detail, Pak Jong-chun

secretary of North Korea's ruling Workers' Party and a confidant of leader Kim Jong-un, described the so-called "mindful storm" exercises of the United States and South Korean Air Force as "aggressive and provocative".

He also accused :

the Pentagon of drafting a blueprint for the collapse of the North Korean regime, as a major political objective, in clear reference to the Pentagon's recent report on the National Defense Strategy, where the report stated that any nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies and partners would "lead to the end of this regime."

Pak criticized South Korean military leaders for what he called "empty" statements threatening to destroy North Korea if nuclear weapons were used, as the South Korean military had warned North Korea that the use of its nuclear weapons would put it on a self-destructive path.

If South Korea and the United States try to use

the armed forces against North Korea without any hesitation, the special means of North Korea's armed forces will carry out their strategic mission without delay."

The United States and South Korea will have to face a terrible situation and pay the harshest price in history.

On Monday :

North Korea's Foreign Affairs warned of "stronger follow-up action", in response to air exercises by its opponents.

US military: Pyongyang rocket fire does not pose threat to US forces and allies

  • Pyongyang's missile launches on Wednesday did not pose a direct threat to U.S.
  • troops in the region or to U.S. allies
  • the U.S. Army's Indian and Pacific Oceans Command said.

"We are aware of North Korea's

ballistic missile launches and are consulting with our allies and partners."

Although we have found that this incident does not pose a direct threat to members of the United States forces, territory or our allies, the rocket fire highlights the reckless behaviour of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North).

Japan's defence minister

  1. Yasukazu Hamada
  2. expressed protest against Pyongyang's
  3. rocket fire on Wednesday.

Nuclear weapons clatter continues in North Korea and Kim declares: No negotiation with Washington and Seoul

"This year

North Korea is launching rockets with unprecedented intensity, increasing tensions through provocative actions.

These actions constitute a threat to the peace and security of our country, our region and the international community, and are totally unacceptable. "

Seoul prepares to make North Korea pay price

after unprecedented rocket launch incident

South Korean President Yun Seok-yul today condemned Pyongyang's launch of a number of missiles, calling them an actual violation of southern territory, and ordered swift action to make them pay for provocations.

Yun also called on the south Korean military to prepare for additional and high-level provocations by north Korea as it chaired an emergency meeting of the National Security Council that took place after the launch.

On Wednesday :

North Korea fired three short-range ballistic missiles into the East Sea, one of which crossed the northern border line, the de facto maritime boundary, and headed towards South Korean waters, According to the army in the south, Seoul regarded this as an unprecedented provocation since the Korean Peninsula was split.

President Yoon's office said in

a press release following the meeting:

The President ordered strict action quickly to ensure that North Korea pays a clear price for its provocation.