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I ran to the door, frightened. Pelosi describes the night of her husband's attack


I ran to the door freaking out.

Pelosi describes what happened the night of the attack on her husband

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, spoke about details of the night of the attack on her husband in San Francisco, California.

Pelosi said in an interview with CNN that

  • the doorbell was ringing late into the night,
  • "I thought it was by mistake..
  • I ran to the door, I was panicking
  • and I found the Metropolitan Police and they said

"We have to go in to talk to you,"

and I think of my children and grandchildren, it didn't come to my mind that it was about Paul, "noting," We didn't even know where he was or what he was like, we just knew he was assaulting him in our house and now they're taking him to the hospital. "

During the interview

Pelosi revealed details of her husband's condition after the brutal attack, and said of her husband's head injury, the good news came when "doctors told us that the injury did not penetrate his brain, which can be deadly,"

adding :

For me

the really difficult part because Paul was not the point of paying the price.

The attacker wasn't looking for Paul. He was looking for me. "

She asserted that her husband was

"fine but he needed a long time to recover

He is such a gentleman that he does not complain, "noting that the operation her husband underwent" was successful, but it is only one part of the recovery from a serious head injury..

recovery will take a long time ".

Pelosi revealed that her husband was concerned about the emotional toll the attack could take on their children and grandchildren, and "we are concerned about the impact of trauma on him."

Asked if she had spoken to her husband about

what he had in mind during the attack

Pelosi said

"We didn't quite have this conversation because to reiterate what happened is really shocking."

Pelosi: An attack on my husband will affect my survival decision in Congress

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the brutal attack on her husband would influence her decision to remain in Congress after the midterm elections.

In an interview with CNN.

Pelosi called on Republicans to stop misinformation fueling political violence, urging Americans to "vote to defend democracy."

It did not disclose its future plans

  • If the Democratic Party loses the majority in
  • the House of Representatives
  • as many believe Pelosi and others will cede power.

Pelosi admitted that she was

"close to tears" as she described the trauma of the attack on her 82-year-old husband and the sadness she felt "over this country." "I'm sad because of my husband, but I'm also sad for our country," she said.

She added :

"I just want people to vote and we will respect the outcome of the electionand I hope the other side will do that as well.

Asked whether

or not she had taken a decision on whether to remain in Congress

Pelosi said

"I must say that my decision will be influenced by what happened in the last week or two."

She stressed that "there must be some messages to the Republicans to stop, they must stop the misinformation.. We want the country to heal ".

Trump takes Pelosi out of the human race!

In a closing speech ahead of the US midterms

  1. former US President Donald Trump
  2. called Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  3. a humiliating description.

"He hit him on the head with a baseball stick and stabbed him 32 times brutally, he was an animal," Trump said in his account of an incident in America.

In the same vein

the former US president went on to comment: "Nancy Pelosi said please don't describe them as animals. They are human beings. I said," No, they are animals, because I think they are animals. "