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CNN: Republicans lead in U.S. House and Senate elections


CNN: Republicans lead in U.S. House and Senate elections

Republicans are ahead of Democrats in the midterms of the House of Representatives with a fragile edge in Senate elections, according to CNN statistics.

CNN noted that the Republican opposition candidates won 162 seats in the House of Representatives to the Democrats' 102 after counting about 54% of the vote

(by 4 a.m. GMT).

Controlling the House of Representatives is crucial.

Republicans must take 218 of all 435 seats subject to contention.

In the Senate

  • which is contested by 35 of its 100 seats
  • Republicans have so far won 44 seats
  • and Democrats 42.

To secure the majority

Republicans needed 51 seats

  • and the ruling Democratic Party 50
  • given that Vice-President Kamala Harris
  • who presided over the Council's sessions by law

According to FOX statistics

Republicans won 114 House of Representatives and 43 Senate seats, while Democrats harvested 71 House seats and 43 Senate seats.

According to NBC

Republicans have one (44 to 43) Senate seat and 158 to 102 deputies.

Polls predicted the success of Republicans

who have been a minority in both chambers for the past two years.

Americans vote today in the midterms amid expectations of Biden becoming a "lame duck."

American voters today choose representatives who will hold seats in Washington and in nearly all local councils, and a third of senators, as well as governors of 36 of the 50 states.

The first polling stations will open at 5 a.m. local time, and more than 40 million of the 170 million registered voters voted in person or by mail.

These "midterm" elections

  • held in the middle of each presidential term
  • actually turn into a referendum on
  • the performance of the United States President.

In more than 160 years

Rarely has the president's party avoided this harsh vote.

As every two years

In the House of Representatives, there are 435 open seats.

  1. In the 100-seat Senate
  2. each senator's term lasts six years.

Consequently :

more than one third of the Council's members are being changed or renewed on 8 November, or 35 seats.

On January 3, 2023, the new electors' term officially begins.

Democrats currently control both chambers of Congress, but by a very small margin. The House of Representatives now has 224 Democrats and 213 Republicans.

The Senate is officially divided equally between Democrats (48 members of the party and two other independent members who joined them) and Republicans.

However :

Vice President Kamala Harris is the Senate speaker and the likely vote holder in the event of a tie, guaranteeing a Democratic majority.

It should be noted that no other vice president used his right to cast a weighted vote more than Harris, who used it 26 times by mid-August, while John Adams did so 20 times in four years at the end of the 18th century.

Will Biden become a "lame duck"?

According to recent polls, the Republican opposition has a chance of winning an additional 10 or 25 seats in the House of Representatives, which is more than enough to gain a majority.

While surveys remain more vague with regard to the Senate, it appears that Republicans will make progress there as well.

In the view of observers

a key precursor to the success of the "Republican retaliation" lies in the general dissatisfaction with the state of the economy amid record inflation 40 years ago, the risk of recession, high interest rates and unemployment.

The expected results of today's ballot threaten to block :

the current administration's instrument and make Biden a "lame duck" in the second half of his term.

Biden urged Americans to give him the majority enough to circumvent parliamentary rules that currently prohibit him from legislating abortion nationwide or banning firearms.

In almost all his speeches

he emphasized that such elections were an "option".

He also stressed that, based on the result of the vote, the future of abortion, firearms and the health system depended.

For their part, Republicans promise to lead a fierce battle against inflation, immigration and crimes, and continue their attack on transgender athletes.

Republican candidates have promised to open

  • a series of parliamentary investigations into Biden
  • his adviser on the pandemic Anthony Fauci and his Justice Secretary
  • Merrick Garland, if they get the majority.

Republicans are also expected to raise the profile of

the president's son Hunter Biden's foreign trade dealings.

Republicans are also :

planning to bury the work of the parliamentary committee investigating the attack on the capitol carried out by Donald Trump's supporters in January 2020.

But any impeachment efforts are likely to be hampered by Republicans' lack of a two-thirds Senate majority.

Aid file for Ukraine

  • Some Republicans have suggested that aid to Ukraine could be cut
  • so perhaps Democrats will try to allocate another $50 billion to
  • Kiev before the balance of power in Congress changes in January.

Observers point out

however :

that radical changes in Washington's policy on issues such as support for Ukraine or relations with Russia are not expected.

Despite remarks by prominent Republican lawmakers that the party

once restored by the majority in Congress

would not provide "blank checks" to Ukraine while Americans were stagnating, consideration must be given to the relatively broad support for Ukraine even among Republican camp voters, as well as traditional Republican ties with the American military industrial complex

which benefited greatly from Ukraine's support policy.

It should also be noted that it would be technically difficult to reduce the volume of assistance to Ukraine, as it was predetermined, whereas the "Loan and Rent Act" allowed the President to continue providing assistance to Kiev regardless of Congress' position.