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Iranian leader again promises revenge for Soleimani's killing

Iranian leader again promises revenge for Soleimani's killing

Iran's revolution leader

Ali Khamenei

on Wednesday renewed his promise to avenge the killing of Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander General Qassem Soleimani.

Khamenei said in a statement:

  • We will never forget Soleimani's martyrdom
  • we are committed to what we have said on this matter
  • and it will be done in his time and in his place.

The Americans once more claimed to have empathy for the Iranian people and to be interested in their well-being, he continued. These are lies they say quite rudely..

They did a lot of hostile actions

but the Iranian nation failed most of them, "he said, noting that" some of these incidents are still close to us and we have not forgotten them. "

He stressed :

  • "We will never forget the martyrdom of martyr Soleimani"
  • and went on to say threatening
  • "Let them know that we have said something in this regard

and we are committed to that word. This will be done in his own time and in his place, God willing. "

Khamenei: Iranian-American hostility returns for years before revolution triumph

Iran's revolution leader

Ali Khamenei :

confirmed on Wednesday that Iranian-American hostility dates back years before the Islamic Revolution triumphed and stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran.

While receiving a crowd of schoolchildren to mark the anniversary of the invasion of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, or what is known in Iran as the "Day of an Enlargement Fight,"

Khamenei said :

  1. "Americans claim to break into the U.S. Embassy
  2. which was already a den of espionage in Tehran that was
  3. the beginning of the challenge

and dispute between the Iranian people and the United States States. They lie ".

He stated that the US military coup d'état in Iran in August 1953 marked "the beginning of the dispute between the Iranian people and America," and he questioned why she had carried out a coup d'état against a national government (the Masadiq government) that had been chosen by the people.

Khamenei continued

"After Iran had freed its oil from British control, they seized it once more and gave it to a British overseas company. American politicians now claim hypocrisy and brazenly support the Iranian people ", arguing that" this anniversary is historic and has many lessons and experiences. "

This day represents the evil of America

as well as its damage, destruction, and defeat.

Those who believe that America is a fortified and untouchable force, let it look at today's events, to show that they are not, they are at risk. "