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The Trump White House has banned vital websites aimed at ending homelessness, combating human trafficking, and helping Americans vote.


The Trump White House has blocked several vital sites

including those aimed at ending homelessness

combating human trafficking and helping Americans vote.

According to documents obtained by Insider through a Freedom of Information Act request, Donald Trump's White House has barred dozens of federal agencies from launching new websites that would help homeless people, combat human trafficking, and help voters.

Both small and large administrations ordered new websites at a time when Trump had publicly flipped against his administration, often mocking the executive branch of the federal government as a mixed "deep state" planning to overthrow him.

More than 20 agencies

have received rejection letters from the Trump Office of

Management and Budget, including the Ministries of Defense

Labor :

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • the Central Intelligence Agency
  • and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Proposed websites rejected by

the Trump Office of Management and Budget include HumanTra itself.

gov (Ministry of Foreign Affairs);

ReportFraud.gov (FTC);

Federal records list the websites for the Departments of Health and Human Services' Telehealth.gov, Housing and Urban Development's FindShelters.gov, and the Treasury Department's FiscalData.gov.

These unique

".gov" website domains improve the ability of government organizations to efficiently deliver and promote services to the American public almost entirely online.

Without them

  • agencies can still add new pages to their major websites
  • but doing so will lead to long
  • forgettable and conditional subdomain names.

No explanations were provided for the acceptance of the Office of Management and Budget or the rejection of the agency's request for the scope of the website ".gov" in papers obtained by Business Insider.

Donald Trump's 2024 presidential campaign

which he officially launched this week

received no response from any of his aides.

According to government records

Trump's White House often rejects and delays requests for websites from federal agencies, in sharp contrast to President Joe Biden's White House, which has approved almost all requests.

According to documents obtained by Insider

of the 105 requests of a "government" website that the Trump Office of Management and Budget be evaluated between July 2018 and the day Trump left office on January 20, 2021, 60 people accepted and 44 rejected requests and one left pending or 41.9% disapproval.

Between 21 January 2021

and 9 September 2022

the Biden Office of Management and Budget evaluated 95 requests for the ".gov" website. Of those, 85 had been accepted, four had been rejected, and six had been voluntarily withdrawn, with a 4.2% rejection rate.

Housing and urban development demand FindShelters.

gov in late 2019 to "create a new platform that will provide information about housing, shelter, health care and clothing services in cities across the country," according to a statement.

The Trump White House

rejected the agency's proposal after two months of uncertainty

HUD understands why its application was denied :

There have been continued efforts at the federal level to limit and reduce the number of federal websites facing the public. the effort to reduce cost and redundancy has begun 

The CIA requested permission from the Trump administration to use the website's DataTransport.gov domain on December 23, 2019. The Office of Management and Budget rejected the request a week later.

The domain was registered to support

the IC data services program, said a source familiar with the CIA request.

The usually non-political Peace Corps requested approval of the PeaceCorpsCN.gov site, a site that refers to its work in China, in March 2019 from Trump's Office of Management and Budget. Officials from the Office of Management and Budget rejected the request at an unspecified time.

In accordance with compliance with binding operational directive (BOD) 18-01, the domain was requested at that time to enhance email and web security," Peace Corps spokesman Troy Blackwell wrote in an email.

The Peace Corps

one of Trump's favorite goals and themes

by early 2020, the process of leaving China had begun.

ince then :

the Peace Corps has not renewed its request for a site PeaceCorpsCN.gov.

  • After the closure of Peace Corps Chinese Mail
  • we no longer need the field," Blackwell said.
  • As of mid-November, websites were not operational.