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Trump tries to figure out Republicans' plans to impeach Biden


Trump tries to figure out Republicans' plans to impeach Biden

Rolling Stone wrote that former US President Donald Trump is trying to find out from Republicans about their plans to impeach President Joe Biden should they win the congressional election.

"Trump has asked more than once in recent months how many times Republicans plan to impeach President Joe Biden if they take control of the House of Representatives," the magazine quoted sources familiar with the matter.

She added that

  • and possible impeachment dates
  • noting that the former president also tried to figure out
  • how many Republicans supported the idea of impeaching Biden.

The magazine stated that the reason for Trump's

questions in this regard may be due to his "questionable private record," as he became the only U.S. president to face an impeachment bid twice.

The magazine also

cited sources that the Republican minority leader of the U.S.

House of Representatives, Kevin McCrorty, who could preside over the House should his party win the midterm election, believes the process of impeaching Biden could be a bad solution, as it could raise his reputation.

The active calls to launch the impeachment process today

are heard from Trump's own supporters, who are making no secret of his ambitions to become President of the United States again.

Some believe that all unsuccessful attempts to impeach Biden will become a "road map" for the upcoming investigations by Republicans as they seek to turn the remainder of Biden's term into a "nightmare."

The journal Economist

in collaboration with YouGov

published the results of a new public opinion poll showing that more than a quarter of Americans expect Biden to be impeached should Republicans win the upcoming congressional election.

Republican Minority Leader : 

We Don't Rule Out Impeaching Biden If We Win Election

Republican Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy said he would not rule out launching impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden if the Republican Party wins the midterms.

"We will never use accountability for political purposes

" McCarthy said, according to CNN.

If the election were successful

Republicans might begin to investigate some of the problems in the Biden administration's work, including the issue of evacuating troops from Afghanistan.

Earlier :

Newsweek reported that Democrats could suffer significant losses in Congress in the midterm elections, putting Biden at risk of impeachment.

He wrote "The Hill,"

members of the Republican Party intend to impeach the incumbent president after the midterm elections.