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Jinx causes the failure of Trump's spoiled daughter's wedding to an Arab young man!


Jinx causes the failure of Trump's spoiled daughter's wedding to an Arab young man!

Tiffany Trump's wedding, the daughter of the former US president, seems doomed, ahead of Category 1 hurricane Nicole heading towards the Florida coast, where 500 guests are scheduled to fly for the wedding!

The 26-year-old

is due to tie the knot with a billionaire of Lebanese origin, Michael Sharpel Boulos, 25, over the weekend, after she was supposed to celebrate for a whole week at her father's resort "Mar-a-Lago."

But the impending hurricane is already breaking those plans

and the wedding could threaten itself.

The "Mar-a-Lago" 

resort was closed and staff evacuated on Wednesday, and will not return until Friday, the day Tiffany's wedding dinner is scheduled.

While the resort was closed

Tiffany :

  • and a handful of guests who arrived
  • early remained in the empty hotel.

At least 500 guests from around the world

were due to arrive in Florida for the wedding, but the storm caused the closure of Florida's Palm Beach International Airport from Wednesday, with all flights canceled.

Tropical Storm 1 is expected to become a Category 1 hurricane

before making landfall later tonight.

Tiffany Trump's incredible engagement ring from a Lebanese design

Tiffany Trump, the youngest daughter of former US President Donald Trump

called on the White House yesterday to announce her engagement with Michael Paul, the son of businessman Massad Boles, a Lebanese-American billionaire.

On the occasion :

  • both Tiffany and Michael posted their photos on their Instagram account
  • standing in the White House gallery
  • and the distinctive engagement ring appeared to be prominent in Trump's finger.

Michael Boles'

diamond ring for his fiancée was the culmination of a wonderful love story for young partners, designed by Lebanese global jeweler Samer Halima, weighing 13 carats with diamond stone (purchased from Dubai) cut in a colour-colored G-shaped emerald style with a VVS rating.

It is surrounded by two stones cut in the "Trapeze Cut" style

and is valued at approximately $1 million and $200 thousand.

Tiffany and Michael both took photos

with diamond dealer Samer Halima at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., after Paul applied for Trump's daughter's hand.

Tiffany Trump :

the former president's only child with his second wife Marla Maples, grew up with her mother in California, and graduated from Georgetown Law School in May 2020.

Trump met her fiancé during a presidential family holiday in the summer of 2018, and they were seen together on more than one official occasion until they announced the news of their engagement yesterday.