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Trump is in a critical situation and his allies are urging him to delay announcing the 2024 elections


Trump is in a critical position and his allies

are urging him to postpone the announcement of participation in the 2024 elections.

Allies of former US President Donald Trump have urged a postponement of his 2024 presidential bid because of the country's disappointing congressional election results, the Washington Post reported.

According to a Washington Post report

even some of Trump's advisers viewed the results of the midterm elections as a "wound" to his political future.

In a sign of Trump's diminishing stature and recent uncertainty, some longtime allies are now encouraging Trump to postpone his planned presidential run next week, after the "red tide" did not materialize, according to the newspaper.

David Urban :

  • a key advisor to Trump's successful campaign in 2016
  • was quoted as saying:
  • "Republicans in large areas of

the states were relying on Donald Trump for victory

but it didn't happen, they were let down."

The reason Trump's advisers postponed his presidential bid is because of Georgia's Senate runoff, as hope remains that Herschel Walker will win against Democrat Raphael J. Warnock after their 50 percent draw.

Trump was eager to jump straight into the 2024 race

but so far the election results have failed to

add to the explosion Trump had hoped to take advantage of.

Trump was accompanied by two persons to Mar-a-Lago.

  • on Tuesday evening said he was in good spirits
  • but one of those people said he spent time on
  • Wednesday angry at the loss of his backed candidate
  • Mohamed Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

The Democratic Party was able to reduce damage better than expected in

the mid-term elections.

The Senate's final configuration is now pending four seats:

  • Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Wisconsin
  • a large number of states
  • since counting votes can take several days.

Trump denies reports of anger over US midterm election results

Former US President Donald Trump has denied media reports of his anger over the results of the US midterm elections, stating that he celebrates the victory of more than 200 Republican candidates.

Trump told Fox News :

There is false information that I was angry, but the reality is totally different. The individuals I sponsored achieved excellent outcomes ".

He noted that he was proud of the Republican candidates who had managed to win the midterm elections, stressing that his plans to issue a "very important declaration" next week had not changed.

CNN previously quoted Trump's

  • adviser as saying the former US president was "angry"
  • and "screaming at everyone" over
  • the midterm election results to the US Congress.

Preliminary projections indicate that the opposition Republican Party will take most seats in at least one of the two chambers of the United States Congress (House of Representatives)

which could complicate the work of

incumbent Democratic President Joe Biden and move all his legislative initiatives.

The Republican Party

according to its information, will have 222 seats in the House of Representatives. The Senate will now hold 49 seats against 48 for the Democratic Party.