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Why does Trump refrain from tweeting?


Why does Trump refrain from tweeting ?

Former US President Donald Trump could lose millions of dollars if he succumbes to the temptation and resumes communicating with the public via Twitter after the site's new president, Elon Musk, reinstates his account.

The New York Post

said that despite Musk's apparent attempts to persuade Trump to tweet again, the former president insisted he was content to stay on his own social media platform Truth Social, which he founded after being banned by major technology platforms last year, including Facebook and Instagram.

The paper explained that Truth Social is a private property of Trump Media

Technology Group

  • which is owned by the former President
  • noting that TMTG is tied to an agreement with Digital World Acquisition Corp
  • a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC)

Legal expert

  • Columbia Law School professor Eric Talley
  • Trump would undervalue Truth Social by resuming his activities on Twitter

thereby giving tens of millions of followers reason to abandon his platform, and shareholders could sue him, stating that the move could form the basis of a "securities fraud lawsuit."

The New York Post reported that

  • Trump could conceivably return to Twitter
  • without facing any legal repercussions
  • but only if he prioritized its implementation.

According to a Securities

and Exchange Commission report by TMTG

Trump is generally obliged to post any social media post on Truth Social and may not post the same post on another social media site for 6 hours.

The deal with SPAC also allows Trump to use a "personal account" to post posts "related to political messages, political fundraising or voting efforts on any social media site at any time."

"Don't lead us to temptation."

Musk reacts sarcastically to Trump's refusal to resume his activity on Twitter

A tweet posted by the new head of social media giant "Twitter" Elon to Musk, showing a photo of a near-naked woman, suggesting her abstention from former US President Donald Trump, received considerable interaction.

The new owner of Twitter posted a satirical photo in which he referred to the former US President in the company of a young, semi-naked woman.

The tweet shows

the photo of someone who appears to be a praying priest

who has been dubbed "Donald Trump," while a semi-naked young woman bows over her buttocks with the slogan "Twitter."

Musk commented on the picture with the phrase "do not lead us to temptation", a phrase that appeared in some Bibles that meant asking God to survive falling into sin.

Elon Musk had announced on Saturday that

former US President Donald Trump's account had been reinstated, following a poll in which users narrowly supported the move from those opposed to the decision.

In response to the lifting of the ban

  • Trump claimed he had no desire to use Twitter again.
  • after the platform lifted the ban on
  • his account since January 8, 2021.

I don't see any reason for that, they have a lot of problems on Twitter, Trump said.