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Ukraine admitted to using the air defense system near Poland


Media: Ukraine acknowledged the use of

the air defence system near the site of two rocket hits in Poland

According to CNN

the Ukrainian military told the United States that it was trying to intercept missiles during the period that coincided with the incident in Poland.

According to CNN

this data has become

the foundation on which Washington

is currently evaluating this occurrence.

Polish media reported last night that

  • two rockets landed in the city of Bashivodov
  • and as a result of the incident, two people were killed.

According to the Associated Press

these were Ukrainian missiles fired to intercept Russian missiles.

At the same time, right away following the occurrence

the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Russian-made missiles had fallen, the Ambassador had been summoned, and Polish President Andrzej Duda had indicated that there was still no precise information.

Duda said in a press release that Warsaw did not have accurate information on the source of the rocket fire that landed in the town of Bashivodov.

Following the incident

Warsaw convened the NATO Council in accordance with article IV of the major treaty, which provides for consultations in the event of a threat to a NATO member.

The Russian Ministry of Defence stressed that the army did not strike any targets in the Ukrainian-Polish border area, and all of Warsaw's statements about Moscow's involvement were provocative.

The Agency noted that

according to the experts' conclusions

photographs released from the scene show fragments of

a Ukrainian missile for the S-300 air defence system.

According to US President Joe Biden

  • following an emergency meeting of the G7 and NATO countries
  • preliminary data does not confirm that
  • Russian troops fired the rocket.

The Pentagon said it intends to work not with speculation

but with facts, which there are enough opportunities to clarify.

The Kremlin described Russia's accusations of involvement in the incident as an example of another hysterical reaction, which was not based on any real data.

Trump's son proposes halting military aid to Ukraine after rockets hit Poland

The son of former US President Donald Trump has proposed halting military aid to Ukraine, whose missiles landed on Poland's territory.

Trump Jr. said on Twitter :

"Since a Ukrainian missile hit our NATO ally Poland

Can we at least stop spending countless dollars arming it now?

Earlier ّ:

  • Ukrainian forces admitted to their allies that
  • they had used air defence systems near
  • the rocket site in Poland.

A US official said Ukrainian forces were trying to shoot down a rocket near a border village around the same time as the incident.

On the evening of November 15

Polish media announced that two rockets had fallen near the Polish village of Przyodov. According to preliminary data, rockets landed on a grain dryer, killing two people.