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Biden pardons dickens "chocolate and a doll" on Thanksgiving

Video.. Biden pardons dickens "chocolate and a doll" on Thanksgiving

Biden pardons dickens "chocolate and a doll" on Thanksgiving

US President Joe Biden relieved turkeys of Thanksgiving's "chocolate" and "bucket" and called on Americans to be thankful and united.

Biden joked

  • "I'll be brief, nobody likes a cold turkey,"
  • and during that, his dog barked at him and the two.

Biden reminded Americans of the meaning of the upcoming holiday, saying, "This is a special time, as the greatest nation on Earth, let's be thankful," according to Novosti, a Monday evening report.

The people

  • amidst all the political differences you hear about
  • let's remember one thing
  • it's the United States of America

and nothing is beyond our control

and our country's control, if we do it together."

A new study by climate expert Tamar Haspel revealed that the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in the United States is the most environmentally friendly holiday.

The Washington Post's study

through which Tamar revealed reasons why holiday meals celebrated by the United States on 24 November each year are more environmentally friendly and climate friendly than other popular holiday meals throughout the year.

The impact of American meals on this holiday has a slight impact on the climate compared to meals from other holidays.

She explained that this meal requires lower carbon emissions for cooking, compared to burger and sausage meals known as the official meal distributed at the Fourth of July celebrations.


Thanksgiving is a national vacation in the United States of America and Canada, to thank Grace and to thank the harvest of the year he oversaw.

In the United States it is celebrated on

the fourth Thursday of November each year

and in Canada on the second Monday of October

Similar celebrations and holidays take place in different places in the world and at different times, Thanksgiving has religious and cultural roots yet is currently celebrated in a secular manner.

Date of Eid Celebration

  • Thanksgiving prayers and special Thanksgiving ceremonies are common
  • Between almost all religions

The history of the North American

Thanksgiving holiday is rooted in English tradition

It dates back to Protestant reform.

  • Thanksgiving also has some semblance of the harvest festival
  • although the harvest in New England takes place late
  • before the ends of November in
  • which modern Thanksgiving is celebrated.

In English tradition

Thanksgiving and its religious services became important in English reform, during Henry VIII, and also in reaction to the large number of religious holidays in the Catholic calendar.