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Bill Barr: Trump will "burn the whole house down" and destroy the Republican Party if he doesn't win in 2024


According to Bill Barr

Trump will "burn down the entire house."

and destroy the Republican Party completely if he doesn't win in 2024

According to former lawyer Bill Barr, if Donald Trump does not succeed in his efforts to become the Republican presidential nominee in 2024, he will try to destroy the party.

Trump's statement last week that he would run for president of the United States in 2024 was addressed by Barr in an op-ed published in the New York Post on Tuesday.

He claimed the Republican Party could collapse

if Trump rejects the nomination.


referring to the party's hardliner supporters of the former president

said :

  • Unless he is accompanied by the rest of the party
  • He will set his fire to the entire house.
  • " people "out of the Republican Party.

Trump's willingness to destroy the party if he doesn't get what he wants is not based on principle, but on his supreme narcissism, Barr wrote.

His selfishness makes him unable to think of the political party as anything but an extension of himself - a cult of personality.

After the midterm elections

when some of the leading candidates he supported were defeated in crucial races, Trump's status as the most influential figure in the Republican Party was damaged.

Republicans like Barr claim that unpopular

and unqualified candidates supported by Trump are in charge of the party.

The poor performance of

the Republican Party in the last midterms is largely due to Trump's mischief

Barr said

  • citing his choice of candidate
  • failure to provide adequate funding
  • and fueling internal divisions of the Republican Party.

His criticism is surprisingly similar to that of Mary Trump

the former first daughter of Donald Trump

who likewise believes the former president will try to

"burn everything down" if Republicans blame him for losing the election.

  • Trump announced his campaign last week
  • at a very low-key
  • meeting in Mar-a-Lago

amid growing opposition to his midterm plan.


He will set his fire to the entire house.

Barr is seen as one of the most dedicated members of Trump's cabinet. However, recently, Trump has come under fire for not being able to accept the loss yet.

In the op-ed

Barr argued that the Republican Party needed new leadership.

His performance in both the 2020 presidential election and the 2016

and 2022 elections that Donald Trump is unable to form this winning coalition nor achieve the decisive and lasting victory required," Barr said.

In fact

  • among the current pool of potential candidates
  • The person least able to bring the party together is Trump.
  • and will probably fall short in the general election.