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Paul Ryan took a stand against Trump I think Trump is causing political problems and he is a burden


Paul Ryan takes a stand against Trump after the midterms :

I think Donald Trump is causing us political problems, which is kind of the burden that Trump represents on our ticket.

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan criticized former President Donald Trump in an interview with WISN 12 News media outlet Wisconsin.

Caroline Reinwald

correspondent for WISN 12 News, said : 

Republicans didn't see that red wave as they expected. Why do you think this is true and what kind of lessons do you think the Republican leadership

should take from that?"

Ryan said :

I think we're going to have to do a lot of soul searching and head scratching, looking through and analyzing numbers as to why we didn't perform as we would have liked.

  • "Ron is re-elected.
  • I'm so glad to see that.
  • It was a mixed blessed night
  • But we ought to have performed better.

"I think Trump is kind of the burden on our ticket.

I think Donald Trump is causing us problems politically.

We lost the House

In the two years when Trump was up for election or in office, the Senate and the White House.

  1. I think we have some Trump hangover.
  2. I think it's a burden on our office, in our races.

What do you think will happen if Donald Trump announces that

he will run for president again?" Reinwald asked Ryan.

Paul said:

  • "I mean, I suppose he'll announce
  • but I honestly don't think he'll get
  • at the conclusion of the day, the nomination.

We want to win.

  • We want to win the White House
  • and know with Trump that
  • we are more likely to lose.

Just look at the difference between the votes

between the Trump candidates and the candidates who are not aligned with him.

It's really clear to me and the evidence is pretty stark that if we have a candidate other than Trump, we're more likely to win the White House than if our candidate was Trump.

We have to give the country a better way forward.

I think we have to provide country solutions.

Ryan said :

We have to give the country a really clear and convincing choice on how our party matures and is prepared to solve the big problems facing the country and that we are putting leaders forward so people can vote for them.

LMAZA Trump's popularity has fallen

Trump's low popularity causes a lot of sensitive and unstable problems at the domestic and international level

But the Arabian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, would have increased prices in America, including gasoline.

But Biden, despite his support for Ukraine, still has stability in America, except to say that gasoline prices have increased slightly.

Trump is not a person who can be a good headman.