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President Biden puts it on Trump supporters. They say they're semi-fascists.


President Biden puts it on Trump supporters. They say they're semi-fascists.

President Joe Biden compared the part of the Republican Party in Donald Trump's so-called corner to fascism, apparently reinforcing the angle he will take as his campaign approaches the 2024 strategies to emerge at full strength.

Biden will probably go the way of referring to examples of right-wing extremism, conservatism and the Republican Party, a common policy tactic to gain the upper hand, and it hasUnfortunately, Republicans have given the president a chance. A lot to work with.

Speaking at a recent Bethesda fundraising event


  • hosted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC)
  • Biden likened Trump's philosophy and supporters to
  • the government's largely hated

and highly controversial right-wing national

and authoritarian system. in the United States.

What we're seeing now is either

the beginning or the death knell of MAGA's extreme philosophy, Biden insisted. It's not just Trump; it's the entire mindset that promotes

I'll say it:

it's almost fascist," the speaker said.

The White House appears to have confirmed that while Biden is campaigning for Democratic candidates and ideas before November, he will also seek to embody failures and unpleasant aspects of the Republican Party.

Biden is said to be likely to describe members of the Republican Party (especially those who continue to actively and proudly support the former president) as special interest aides seeking to create a radical MAGA agenda that costs families.


  • speaking at the DNC gathering in Bethesda is only
  • the tip of the iceberg. It is the first of
  • many official pre-midterm events for the President
  • who will reportedly go across the country to disseminate his messages.

Karen Jean-Pierre

acting press secretary of the White House, made an initial presentation of Biden's remarks on Thursday as well, saying he would clarify the "choice" Americans will face in the coming months.

"This is not your father's Republican Party,"

Biden declared at the event. "This is a different deal."

The President then went on to emphasize

the importance of voting. Referring to Democrats and other individuals leaning left with their ideologies, he said, "Our team must show up and vote quite frankly. simply vote ".

Biden traveled to important swing states playing key roles in the U.S.

election and delivered this message as he continued his tour before midterm.

The president was in Pennsylvania

for an event that highlighted crime prevention before heading to Ohio shortly after for an event that highlighted American manufacturing. Look for him to put forward the same strategy as he prepares for the 2024 presidential election.