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Trump could shock world at Ohio Rally tonight and announce 2024 presidential campaign: Report

Trump could shock world at Ohio Rally tonight

and announce 2024 presidential campaign: Report

Former President Trump could shock the world and tonight announce a 2024 presidential run according to multiple media reports. Trump is discussing whether to announce tonight at a rally in Ohio for Senate GOP candidate J.D. Vance.

Matt Gaetz said :

"To all the journalists who text

and call me :

  • Trump should announce tonight.
  • His candidates won the primary.
  • Biden's central message was to intimidate "ULTRA MAGA."

We will win big!

Trump deserves all the credit for this election wave and announces tonight that he will take it. "

Jonathan Swann

Axiso correspondent, said:

  • "Calls/text messages throughout the morning
  • the Trump/Vance Rally will be watching
  • closely in Ohio. Speculation has reached a point of
  • absurdity at this point

but many rupees with varying degrees of proximity to Trump expect a quick announcement based on his recent private comments. "

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins said:

Many people say :

"Trump, who was encouraged to wait until the end of the midterms

(and his daughter's next wedding) to announce his candidacy in 2024, is actively considering doing so during his rally in Ohio tonight.

"But as Swann notes, no one is guessing whether he actually does."

Kellyanne Conway wants Trump to wait. She said:

  • I commend him much for holding off on announcing him this year.
  • because he has not intervened in the way of midterm candidates
  • who frankly need him at their next meal

their next party, their next center of strength

they have been urging him and begging him

and leaking to many of you that he will announce at any moment.

"I'm glad he didn't.

  • "That was definitely my advice
  • from the beginning, you know
  • wait until after the midterms if you do at all."

Sources told CNN that the former president could announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election tonight on the eve of the midterm elections, CNN's John King said.

Dana Bash said :

"He is a supporter of the sting.

He's defending some things to get out there and make them official.

"More importantly,

in the short term, it does so for two reasons.

"The first is to take credit and ride the wave, even if it's just a house in the hours of tomorrow straight to ride the wave that he thinks will be a win in the House of Representatives and demand credit.

Because he would say he supported a lot of candidates who won.