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Arnold Schwarzenegger uses Twitter to brutally roast former Trump official


Arnold Schwarzenegger uses Twitter to brutally roast former Trump official

In a heated online debate Wednesday on a case to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in December, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ruthlessly criticized former Trump administration official Jeffrey Clark.

In Moore v. Harper

a controversial application of the United States Constitution known as the "legislative theory of an independent state" lies at the heart of the dispute.

The argument is that state legislators should be free to establish electoral district boundaries for Congress without interference from state courts or state constitutions. North Carolina's Supreme Court rejected an incredibly manipulated border map drawn by conservative state lawmakers last year during redistricting, leading to the Supreme Court's decision to test the theory.

On Wednesday

  • Schwarzenegger tweeted that he would send a friend brief to
  • the Supreme Court in the case, suggesting that
  • he was willing to share his knowledge

and skills with judges in an effort to help them reach a more informed decision.

Schwarzenegger referred to the state's independent legislature hypothesis as "crazy" in a tweet and claimed that it violated the system of checks and balances on which democracy depended.

In a tweet in response to Schwarzenegger's announcement, Clark referred to him as a "false Republican."

You know

when Ahnold's false Republican suspension to present a friend brief in the Supreme Court, written by senior Supreme Court Democrat practitioner David Frederick, the Democratic Party is very concerned about how Moore v. 

Harper could go out to [the Supreme Court]," Clark wrote.

It was definitely a bad idea. If you don't believe me

Google is stepping up the awkward scene of the documentary "Pumping Iron" in which Schwarzenegger attacks bodybuilding opponent Lou Ferrigno while the two have breakfast with Ferrigno's father.

Schwarzenegger is notorious for his trash-talking skills.

Sharing a snap of a now popular video of Clark standing in his way as federal agents searched his home as part of an investigation into plans to manipulate the 2020 presidential election, Schwarzenegger retaliated against Clark.

In this video

Clark is seen standing at his front door wearing only his shirt and underwear. Clark asks,

"Can I wear trousers first?"

  •  When the authorities ask him to go outdoors.
  • Bodybuilding champion Schwarzenegger mocked Clark's fitness
  • by posting a screenshot of him in his underwear.

"Thanks for the nice message! I loved this photo of you

but if you want some squat tips to build those legs, I'm here for you, "Schwarzenegger wrote in the caption.

Twitter users flocked to the responses and praised Schwarzenegger for his counter-punch. Clark, for his part, said he admired Schwarzenegger's films, and then warned the former governor because he made things personal.

"I'll give steroids

Gubernator. Ultimately

the health effects will return there to find themselves

"Clark wrote. "I loved many of your films but you are clearly a fan of authoritarian government. Lots of advantages of your Moore position. go right for the cheap shot ".