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Last resort. American actress Amber Heard announces settlement of libel case with Johnny Depp


Last resort.

American actress Amber Heard announces

settlement of libel case with

Johnny Depp

In an Instagram post 

American actress Amber Heard announced that she would settle a defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, months after a weeks-long televised trial.

Heard described the choice to reach a settlement with Depp as "extremely painful" and that it was reached after "a great deal of thought."

In her statement

Hurd presented the agreement as a last-ditch effort.

He explained, A chance to free myself from something I've been trying to get away from for over six years with things I can agree with.

She added:

  • Almost all of my resources were exhausted before
  • and during a trial in a courtroom where numerous
  • and direct evidence supporting my testimony

in which popularity

and authority were prioritized over logic and following the law.

was excluded. In the meantime

I have been subjected to a kind of humiliation that I simply cannot live again .

Heard considered that the settlement of the case would allow her to spend her time "productively and meaningfully", after "many years in which I was locked into a difficult and expensive legal proceedings fell short of their goal of defending me and my right to free speech.

I must stress that I did not choose this.

I defended my right

  • and as a result, my life was destroyed.
  • noting that" the libel I encountered on
  • social media is a copy of the ways women
  • are again victimized when they move forward and scream. 

Heard was found guilty last June by a Virginia jury.

the protagonist of Aquaman, defamed Depp

the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean

by writing a 2018 op-ed in a six-week trial whose hearings were widely seen and included clear, frank evidence and testimony detailing the strained relationship between the former couple.

The jury also ruled in Heard's favour on

some aspects of her counter-claim against Depp.

The jury had decided to award Depp compensation in the amount of $ 15 million from Heard, while awarding her compensation in the amount of $2 million.

In contrast

  1. Depp's lawyers said in a statement that
  2. they were "happy to officially close this
  3. traumatic separation of Mr. Depp"

noting that it was not about money.

A source close to Depp stated that Heard's sentence could still be used against her if she were to make false or defamatory allegations in the future, contrary to what she wrote in her statement

NBC News reported.

Depp (58) sued Heard for $50 million in damages

stating that she had misrepresented herself when she described herself as a "public figure who represents (tragedy) domestic violence" in her Washington Post article.

In contrast

Heard, 36

  • stating that Depp had abused her when his lawyer
  • called her accusations "malicious".

Depp denied beating Heard or any woman

and stated that Heard used violence in their relationship with him.