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Biden criticizes Trump and anti-Semitic rhetoric : "Silence is collusion"


Biden criticizes Trump and anti-Semitic rhetoric : "Silence is collusion"

US President Joe Biden called on his country's officials to publicly denounce anti-Semitism, days after former President Donald Trump met with a team of Holocaust deniers.

Biden's remarks come days after former President Donald Trump met at his Florida residence with a media known for denying the Holocaust in World War II, and rapper Canier West, who paid tribute to Adolf Hitler.

It also comes amid an increasing prevalence of anti-Semitism rhetoric that is increasingly embraced by a segment of white supremacists, and has gained strength under former President Donald Trump.

In a tweet, Biden said

However, I would like to be clear.

he Holocaust has already happened.

Hitler was an evil person ". Instead of giving anti-Semitism a platform, our politicians must publicly denounce it wherever it exists.

He added: "Silence is collusion."

The White House earlier condemned Trump for receiving West and Fuentes at his residence in Maralago, Florida, last week.

According to Trump

  • West brought along a few of his unexpected friends.
  • including Fuentes, who is known
  • for his racist and anti-Jewish views.

The former music and fashion star is not the only one who has sparked controversy because of anti-Semitic statements.

NBA star Kairi Irving was suspended after posting on social media a link to a film deemed anti-Semitic

before later apologizing.

Concerns about the spread of hate speech have increased following Elon Musk's decision to limit interference in the management of Twitter content since he bought the platform last month.

Data published by the Anti

Defamation League on Friday suggested that there might be a basis for those concerns. Anti-Semitic tweets referring to Jews and Jews increased more than 60 percent in the two weeks following Musk's acquisition of "Twitter", in parallel to a general increase in hate speech.

That rhetoric was accompanied

by a steady rise in hate incidents against Jews.

The Anti-Defamation League considered that reports of harassment, vandalism and violence against Jews culminated in the United States in 2021.

Two years ago in 2019

the United States witnessed two shootings targeting churches in California and Pittsburgh that killed them.

In both incidents

the attackers belonged to a far right that spread online

embraced hatred against Muslims

blacks :

immigrants and Jews and called for a Christian white society based on European culture.

Critics of the former president, including Republican Liz Cheney, accused the party during the Trump era of allowing the idea of white supremacy and anti-Semitism to be promoted.