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President Biden and Ben Shapiro join in mocking Trump's newly unveiled digital trading cards


President Biden

and Ben Shapiro join in mocking Trump's newly unveiled

digital trading cards

On Thursday

US President Joe Biden appeared to be able only to mock former US President Donald Trump's recent noise that ended up being nothing more than a brand new line of digital trading cards that resemble him. Photographed on it.

President Biden took to his personal Twitter account to write: "I have received some major ads in the last two weeks as well..."

He continued to list a series of positive achievements

such as the signing of the Law on Respect for Marriage

which helps protect same-sex marriage rights throughout the country

and the recent mitigation of inflation;

which has been a hot topic for a long time now across the country.

Biden also mentioned buying a house for WNBA star Britney Griner after months of detention in a Russian prison, among other things.

Biden put

an emoji on the check mark before each event:

Inflation relief

  • I just signed the Marriage Respect Act
  • we bought a house for Britney Greiner
  • gas prices less than a year ago
  • 10,000 new high-paying jobs in Arizona.

The president's remark came only after Trump recently began promoting his new plan of digital trading cards costing $99 a piece, a price that many were quick to turn their noses up.

Just a day before Biden's tweet

Trump took to his social platform Truth Social to inform his followers that he would make an "important announcement," but did not provide further information at this point.

His ambiguity left much room for speculation

with many coming to the conclusion that he would comment on his 2024 presidential campaign that had not yet fully taken off, or that he would probably offer his two years in the race for speaker. From the House of Representatives play among House GOP members.


  • and is now available to buy using a credit card or cryptocurrency.
  • Money earned from buying different card designs
  • ranging from Trump's image in different forms
  • from superhero to astronaut, does not go to fund his campaign.

Ben Shapiro tweeted:

"Thank God, digital trading cards are here. It was already a major announcement. "