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Biden will not visit Kyiv for security reasons, and the Pentagon is intensifying its aid


Politico reported that

Joe Biden, the US President, does not aim to

visit Kiev for security reasons.

According to a number of White House officials, "There are currently no plans for Biden to visit Kiev, mainly because of security risks."

Jake Sullivan had made a surprise visit to Kiev early last November, where he held meetings with government officials there.

This comes as the White House prepares itself for the new challenges posed by the winter of war in Ukraine, as well as a majority of incoming Republican House members

who promise to limit funding for Kiev.

The Pentagon has intensified its preparations to arm Kiev

completing the Patriot missile defense system's transport logistics


according to Politico

would significantly enhance Ukraine's ability to defend itself from the sky

including rockets and attack drones.

The Pentagon is

contemplating sending additional weapons as well.

  • such as equipment that would divert undirected air munitions to smart bombs
  • as well as explosives that would significantly expand Ukrainian strikes
  • and, according to officials

discussions are under way to expand training for the Ukrainian military at the United States military base in Germany.

Despite Biden's decision not to visit Kiev

given the security risks

he spoke last week to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky

who called for the continued flow of U.S. air defense weapons.

According to the newspaper

Biden has led Western leaders to pledge support for Ukraine as long as necessary

but a new wave of Ukrainian refugees will put the continent's resources on

the line even more

  • as the energy crisis across Europe has caused significant cuts
  • and the continent, with inflation levels of 11%
  • could be on the brink of economic recession.

The war has no sign of ending

Zelensky's sentiment began to test the patience of European leaders

as White House aides believed Biden would need to pressure European leaders to keep track as Russian attacks escalated.

National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby stated on Friday that Russia was "once again trying to instil fear in the hearts of the Ukrainian people and make it harder for them as winter comes now" and stressed "the determination of the United States

to help Ukraine defend itself."

  • It is better to stop military aid to Ukraine
  • so that the war ends quickly

We don't want more blood

We don't want more destruction

We do not want more war and devastation is over