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Elon Musk praises Kirsten and says I hope more of our elected leaders act independently


Elon Musk pays tribute to Kirsten Sinema, saying Democrats to Pound Sand:

Good for Senator Sinema

I hope more of our independently elected leaders will work.

The Twitter CEO broke his silence on the day's stunning political news, Democratic Senator Kirsten Sinema left the DEm party causing chaos in Washington.

We don't know how this changes the balance of power in the Senate, but Sinema spends more than half her time in the room hanging on the Republican side.

While Democrats and the media panicked about Sinema

Elon Musk praised the move.

He said:

Good for SenatorSinema.

  • I hope that more of our elected leaders will work independently
  • aka the people's interests.
  • The thing I have always admired about American lawmakers
  • at least historically, is that sometimes they will vote against the party line. "

Sinema said:

  • As a logical continuation of the work I've been doing since being elected to Congress,

  • I have joined the growing numbers of Arizona followers

  • who, by announcing my independence, reject party politics

  • from Washington's broken party system
  • and officially registering as an Arizona Independent member.

Over the past four years

I have proudly worked with other senators in both parties and made a consensus on successful laws that help every day in Arizona build a better life for themselves and their families.

My work in the Senate will not change if I become an independent;

My service in Arizona remains the same .


  • Arizona expects our leaders to follow suit
  • put political games aside, work together
  • make strides, then step aside, in order to
  • We can improve our lives and that of our family.

Not surprisingly, Washington, D.C., often fails to reverse this expectation.

Americans are increasingly left behind every day by the strict partisanship of national parties, which has intensified in recent years.

Pressures in both parties drive leaders to the edges, allowing louder and more extreme voices to prioritize their parties and expect the rest of us to walk in line.

In meeting the needs of the parties

  • Neither party has demonstrated much tolerance for different points of view.

  • Bipartisan settlement is seen as a last resort that is rarely acceptable
  • not the best way to make lasting progress.
  • Restitution against the opposition party replaced thoughtful legislation.

Americans have been told that we have only two options

Democratic or Republican

 and that we must wholesale share the political views held by the two parties, and those that have been increasingly attracted to extremism.

The majority of Arizonans think this is a bad decision.

and when I ran for the U.S.

  • House of Representatives and Senate,
  • Arizona promised something different.
  • I pledged to be independent
  • and to collaborate with anyone to produce long-lasting effects.

I committed that I would not demonize people I disagree with, engage in insults, or be distracted by political drama.

Americans are more united than national parties want us to believe. We have shown that diverse democracy is still able to function effectively.

Arizona :

including many registered as Democrats or Republicans - is eager for leaders who focus on logical solutions rather than party doctrine.

However, if the shrillest and most vociferous voices

push each party towards the parties 

and if party leaders continue to put more of an

revitalizing their rules than on providing support to

all Americans

These long-lasting legislative victories will become less frequent.

It makes sense that more and more Americans are registering as independents.

In Arizona, this figure often exceeds the number registered with either national party.

When politicians focus more on denying the opposition party wins than on improving Americans' lives, the people who lose are ordinary Americans.

That's why I joined the growing numbers of Arizona followers who reject partisan politics by declaring my independence from Washington's broken partisan system.

I registered as an independent from Arizona.

I offer Arizonans something different.

Some supporters believe they own this seat in the Senate.

They don't.

  • There is no Democratic candidate for this Senate seat.

  • or Republican leaders in Washington.

  • It doesn't belong to one or the other party and it doesn't belong to me.
  • It belongs to Arizona, a very special place that
  • extremist partisans and ideologues cannot identify. "