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Elon Musk endorses Ron DeSantis for Trump as presidential candidate in 2024

Elon Musk confirms he will support Ron DeSantis

over Trump as presidential candidate in 2024

Elon Musk, an American business mogul and owner of the popular social networking service Twitter, came forward to confirm that if Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis were to run for president in 2024, he would have Musk's support.

The announcement came as a blow to those who thought the 2024 confirmed candidate, former US President Donald Trump, would put Musk in his corner.

When Musk was asked if he would support DeSantis if he chose to make an offer to the White House

Musk tweeted :

"Yes," after referring to the idea that he had not yet found an ideal candidate he considered deserved his support among Democrats. Party.

My preference for

the 2024 presidency is a middle sane person

Musk explained.

He also noted that he expected the same qualities from the Biden administration but was disappointed in that regard.

He said, "I was hoping that the Biden administration would be like that." "But I've been disappointed so far."

In June :

  • Musk hinted at the idea that he would lend his support to DeSantis
  • after he revealed that while he had made no final decisions on the matter
  • he was "leaning" toward the governor of Florida as his choice.

This newly discovered force is Musk's latest update regarding the Republican presidential candidate's preferences.

The confirmation of

the DeSantis catcher may give a good boost

as Musk's arrival is nothing short of broad and influential.

It wasn't long after Trump took a few hits at DeSantis, brewing a competition many expect to see more vibrantly in the coming months.

A harsh political battle has yet to break out entirely between controversial Republicans, but their previously cordial relationship seems far from what it once was.

Although it is impossible to make

more than just assumptions at this point in time

if Trump's recent reputation is stuck with him in the future, he may not face DeSantis if he chooses to run as support for the governor grows.

After failing to embody the Republican "red wave"

  • many turned their sights on Republican Party symbols like Trump
  • He and many of his close allies have been accused of

Musk commented on Trump's previous Twitter ban

which he recently reversed

saying he was "fine" with the former

president choosing not to return to the platform.

It is important that Twitter corrects a serious error in blocking his account despite not breaking the law or conditions of service, he said on Friday. The removal of a sitting president undermines public confidence in Twitter for half of America .