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Jen Psaki warns the Democratic Party: Democrats underestimate Trump at their own risk


Jane Psaki issued a warning to

the Democratic Party about Trump:

Democrats are endangering themselves by criticizing Trump.

Former White House press secretary and current MSNBC analyst Jane Sackey issued a warning to Democrats writing off former President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Meet the Press :

Psaki said Trump remains the favorite to win the Republican nomination because he "has some sinister charisma that helped him win the nomination" before. Chuck Todd: Yamiche, people say

 "We've been here before with them. Is this time different?


The fact that we have to ask this question shows you that there is still this grip that former President Trump has on the party, and his popularity among some on the base, these radical MAGA people who still support him.

The fact that they can still win the primary :

  • and that tells me that there's something to
  • the fact that he can still win the nomination.
  • We've been here before. That sounds familiar to me.
  • We were here, and Access Hollywood tape, when everyone found out.

They had a daughter and a mother, and they were saying they didn't want former President Trump to be the nominee.

We were here again after 6 January when we saw people leaving the White House in droves.

And then everyone :

and at least senators with the power to say

  1. "We're going to condemn you on this charge,"
  2. all of them decided
  3. "Actually, that's how far we're not going to go."

So I think :

yeah :

do you feel different?

It feels different because we have been fighting anti-Semitism and racism for so long.

But I still think it's too early to say whether or not he has completely run out of the ability to win this nomination.

Jane PSAKI: I mean

I think sensible Democrats and Republicans underestimate Trump at their own peril because so that Trump doesn't win the nomination, there needs to be a better alternative.

That's how primaries work, isn't it?

  • Ron DeSantis
  • this man
  • he's either the saviour or he's currently at his peak.

Mike Pence :

with all due respect, did not completely ignite the world politically before Donald Trump picked him for vice president.

So the question is, who is the alternative?

  • The filtration process is long.
  • What's going to happen here?
  • My view is that people should not underestimate it.