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Home Depot co-founder says Joe Biden is "the worst president in this country's history."


Home Depot co-founder says Joe Biden is

"the worst president in this country's history."

Billionaire Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus reached his border with President Joe Biden and woke socialists who he says are destroying capitalism. Marcus slammed Biden as "the worst president in this country's history."

Marcus said

"I'm worried about capitalism.

Capitalism is the foundation of Home Depot and millions of people have achieved this success and have achieved success.

I talk about manufacturers


distributors and people who work for us and who have been able to enrich themselves through the Home Depot journey.

This is success. That's why capitalism works.

Thanks to socialism no one works. Nobody cares. Just give it to me.

  • Send me the money.
  • I don't want to work

  • I'm too obese, too lazy, and too dim-witted.

We were enjoying freedom of expression here. We don't have.

People woke up to the world.

You know, I suppose they can't harm me right now.

"I am 93. Who cares about Bernie Marcus? "

"I give them money because I hope they do the right thing," he says of donating to the Republican Party.

He said he would avoid a Republican election race to see who would face Biden in 2024 before calling Joe Biden "the worst president in this country's history."

He said Trump's policies were right away, but it would be very interesting in 24 because I think DeSantis would challenge him. The better man may win ".

He said about donating part of his wealth to charities:

"I have all the houses I need. I live well.

"My children are being cared for.

Everything I live with now is finding the right things to put my money in and it can give me a rate of return of emotion and do good things for this world," he said.

What are President Biden's achievements?

Since taking office

the President has undertaken a number of actions and initiatives aimed at achieving cooperation and coordination in the country and promoting justice and equality.

President Biden's major achievements in his tenure include:

In the opinion of :

  • Signed the Cooperation and Justice Act
  • which aims to promote justice in society
  • and improve general standards of employment in the United States.

He signed a new public health law aimed

at improving health care and reducing the cost in the country.

He signed the new Higher Education Act

which aims to improve higher education and reduce cost in the United States.

He signed a series of measures aimed at overcoming the coronavirus and improving health care in the country.

Signed the new Workers' Rights Act :

  • Signed the new major education law aimed at improving basic education
  • and promoting the country's human development.
  • Signed the new Law on Tax Amendments aimed at strengthening
  • the public economy and promoting economic equality in the country.

Signed the new Global Development Act

which aims to promote global development and international justice.

He signed a new real estate development law aimed at promoting real estate development and promoting sustainable development in the country.

He signed a new environmental law aimed

at promoting and preserving the country's environment.

This is a set of major achievements that President Biden has made since choosing the Covenant.