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John Bolton says he could run for president in 2024 only to stop Trump


John Bolton says he could run for president in 2024 only to stop Trump

John Bolton, the former national security adviser, said on Monday that he would consider running for president if potential Republican candidates did not oppose former President Donald Trump.

Bolton strongly denounced Trump's weekend social media statement that the constitution should be suspended in order to restore him to power, urging other potential GOP presidential hopefuls to speak out in a Meet the Press Now interview.

"I would like to see Shermansk's remarks from all the potential candidates," Bolton said. "If I don't see that, I'll seriously consider going in."

Bolton referred to Trump's claim that he was an "exclusion,"

  • adding that I think being a presidential candidate you can't just say
  • I support the Constitution. You have to say
  • 'I'm going against people who might undermine it.

Between April 2018 and September 2019

Bolton served as Trump's national security adviser. According to the sources, the two sides disagreed on talks with the Taliban and trade negotiations with China.

Since leaving the administration, the former ambassador has sharply criticized the former president, identifying a number of differences in his 2020 book. Bolton asserted that he had evidence that Trump had interfered in the administration of justice and sought support from China in his re-election.

Bolton :

who represented the United States as Ambassador to the United Nations from 2005 to 2006, referred to the outgoing leader as "whining".

When asked if he had a platform

for his campaign other than to defeat Trump

Bolton compared his views to those of the late President Ronald Reagan and declared that he was committed to Bolton, who represented the United States as ambassador to the United Nations from 2005 to 2006, referring to the outgoing leader as "whining".

When asked if he had a platform for his campaign other than to defeat Trump

Bolton compared his views to those of the late President Ronald Regan and declared that he was not a  social conservative.

Bolton refused to provide a timetable for his decision

The spokesman added, It might be sooner than some might think.

Since leaving the White House, Bolton has been known to criticize Trump.

He claimed that the Trump administration was tough on Russia despite the president, not because of him.

Regarding the administration's other sanctions on Russia

Bolton claimed Trump repeatedly rejected them

and showed a lack of understanding of the region.

But in almost every case

sanctions were imposed with Trump complaining about it and saying we were too strong. The truth is that he barely knew where Ukraine was.

John Kelly

his second chief of staff, once asked whether Finland was part of Russia. It is not accurate to say that Trump's behaviour somehow deters Russians.

Most Americans feel that Trump's leadership has terrified Putin and led him to abandon his regional ambitions.

  • According to a new Harvard
  • CAPS-Harris poll released on Friday
  • 62% of respondents believe that if Trump had been president

Putin would not have invaded Ukraine.

Similarly :

  • 9 per cent said that Putin acted
  • provocatively because
  • he viewed Biden as a weak link.

Despite claiming to have offered to resign

Bolton did not leave the Trump administration on good terms after the former president removed him from his post as national security adviser.

The two fought a bitter battle over the direction of American foreign policy. Bolton, a hawk who believes in strict force, frequently disagreed with Trump's isolationist ideas, which sought to block new diplomatic interactions and end some of what already existed.

After returning to private life

  • Bolton wrote The Room Where It Happened
  • a tell-all book in the White House that revealed ugly facts
  • and was to be released before the 2020 election.

In one example of the biography

relevant to the current Ukraine-Russia case, Bolton stated that Trump told him that military aid to Ukraine would be contingent on the state's promise to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden's alleged crime.

The Justice Department sued Bolton

alleging that he did not obtain written approval to publish the book in order to ensure that no state secrets were disclosed.

The Justice Department abandoned the lawsuit in June.

Ron DeSantis might not be the biggest threat to

Trump instead he might be the man who "testified"

New York Times editorial board member Michelle Cottle argued in a column for the newspaper that political analysts covering the Republican primary contest between Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are missing out on a greater threat to the former president's bid. to run for president in 2024 as the party's nominee.

According to Cottle

the Republican opponent of the nomination who stood up to him and was not only re-elected, but thrived and is building a war chest while nobody is looking for him is the person Trump should be really worried about.

Cottle referred to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp as the "man who neutralized" Trump, and noted that because Kemp had already been widely attacked by the former president had little impact on his popularity, he might be the politician he succeeds as Republican Party leader.

Kemp emerged as

the main backer of Herschel Walker's struggling U.S.

Senate race

while Trump was sidelined by Republican fears that he was an impediment, according to Cottle, demonstrating his ascent on the twice-impeached president.

Mr. Al-Sayyid.

  • Kemp's having a moment. having been re-elected for a further four years
  • despite being targeted for removal in the primary by a bitter former president
  • he feels more flexible, free and more inclined to lend
  • a helping hand to his good friend Herschel

"she wrote before adding,"

Whatever happens with Mr. Walker, Mr. Kemp watched.

The 59-year-old governor of Georgia is positioning himself as a key Republican player - a player who, unlike many in his party, is not just a total idiot of Trump. "

A reference to Kemp's "decisive" victory over Stacey Abrams. Kemp, according to Cottle, is impervious to Trump's insults and deception.

The former President has put a lot of political capital on the line in his crusade against Mr. Kemp, but he has been beaten again in Georgia.

The governor's refusal to obey Trump ended up polishing his reputation across party lines, which served him well in his recovered state. In last month's general election, Mr. Kemp won 200 thousand more votes than Mr. Walker had in his race.

Everything is positive for Mr. Kemp.

No one would seriously blame him if he couldn't

  • save a shoddy candidate like Mr. Walker
  • winning friends and influence within the party just by trying.
  • It also suggested before referring to
  • Mr. Kemp clearly sets his sights on the future political path .

Mr. Al-sa Kemp's work on Mr.

Walker's behalf opens more doors

helping him to establish contacts with officials, clients and donors outside Georgia.

All of that would be helpful

for example :

if Mr. Kemp decided that he wanted to run for federal office one day, "she suggested.

It certainly seems possible that he might.

Shortly before Thanksgiving, he presented the paperwork needed to form a federal super PAC called Hardworking American Inc. "