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Kirstie Alley said she was "Blackballed" because of her support for Donald Trump: "It's a real growing situation."


Kirstie Alley said she was "Blackballed"

because of her support for Donald Trump:

"It's a real growing situation."

Christy Alley, who died of cancer on Monday at the age of 71, was "supported" by Hollywood for her support of former President Donald Trump. Last year, during a conversation with Tucker Carlson

Alley came clean saying:

"People go, you're so brave."

I said :

No, I think I'm stupid

Because honestly, it's a real black situation. You can cook methamphetamine and sleep with prostitutes, but as long as you didn't seem to vote for Trump. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone a little bit, in its full sense .

When endorsing Trump in 2016, Alley stated:

HELLO BOYS! This is my official endorsement of realDonaldTrump and I am a woman! (Last time I checked) Rudy, UR is amazing! 

She said in 2020:

RealDonaldTrump is my choice because he is not a politician. For that reason, I voted for him four years ago and will do so again this time.

He gets things done quickly

and will change the economy quickly.

You have people there. 

On Tuesday

the former president praised Alley's writing on Truth Social:

"Kirstie was a wonderful lady and a strong supporter of MAGA and America First. She will be sorely missed!"

Other celebrities also pay tribute. Kirsty was one of my most special relationships, according to John Travolta. I love you, Kirsty. I'm sure we'll run across each other again.

Tim Allen said:

  1. A sweet spirit passes in Kristie Alley.
  2. Sad and sad news. prayer
  3. for all members of her family .

Kelsey Grammer said:

"I always believed that grieving for a public figure was special, but I would say I loved it."

Her sons issued a statement stating:

To all our friends, all over the world

We regret to inform you that our incredible

after a fight with cancer, my strong and loving mother passed away.

discovered only recently :

  • She fought so hard while being surrounded by her closest family.
  • She leaves us certain of her unending joy in life and any future adventures.
  • As she was creative on screen
  • She was an even better grandmother and mother.

We appreciate the fantastic medical staff.

, nurses, and staff at Moffett Cancer Center for their treatment.

Our mother's enthusiasm and passion for life

her children :

Her inspiration to live life to the fullest as I did is unmatched, and we are left with her many animals, grandchildren, and unending joy in creativity.

We appreciate your love and prayers during this difficult time, but please respect our privacy.