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Marjorie says Trump should get away from the racial crap she lives with


Marjorie Taylor Green says Trump

should walk away from the racial folly she hangs out with.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green believes it's a great idea that there are new restrictions on who can meet with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago as a result of his dinner with Nick Fuentes and Kanye West.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green believes hanging out with Fuentes is a bad idea for Trump, but she spoke at the conference Fuentes hosted earlier this year.

After dinner at Mar-a-Lago with Ye

 Fuentes and former Trump campaign staffer Karen Gorno, the former president came under fire from Republican opponents and even some allies for hosting two known anti-Semitism. Trump claimed he did not know who Fuentes was, despite initial reports that he was reluctant to criticize Fuentes for fear of angering his supporters.

Trump admitted to Fox News on Tuesday

  • "I've never heard of Fuentes."
  • We had a quick dinner and I had no idea what he thought
  • If they were, they wouldn't be tolerated.

The Associated Press reported on Wednesday that the Trump campaign was establishing "new rules in place" as a result of criticism to ensure that anyone who meets the former president is offered access to a senior campaign official at all times.

Trump's third presidential bid

announced earlier this month almost immediately after a disappointing performance by Republicans in the midterm elections, was supported by Trump's high-profile friend Green. According to Semafor, Green praised the new measures in Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday.

My understanding is that they're making big changes about who can attend and the audit process that I think is smart, Green told reporters.

But earlier this year

at America's First Political Action Conference in Fuentes


the far-right program spoke out against the already right-wing conservative Political Action Conference, Greene and Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona without any kind of scrutiny. (CPAC).

In fact, before you start talking, Fuentes introduced it.

Green confirmed that she did not know Fuentes after criticism from Republicans, including minority leader Senator Mitch McConnell, over her presence at AFP in February. In addition, Green rejected Fuentes on Tuesday while avoiding accountability for raising his popularity.

Of course :

I condemn Nick Fuentes and his racism [sic] his anti-Semitic ideology," Green said in a tweet in response to a CNN reporter. I can't understand why the media is obsessed with him .

According to Republican Rep.

  • Kevin McCarthy, who is largely anticipated to
  • the next speaker of the House
  • "nobody should spend time with Nick Fuentes"
  • and that on Tuesday, "Trump came out four times and criticized him."

That was untrue.

It was the first time Trump had moderately reprimanded Fuentes in his remarks to Fox News, which were released after McCarthy said Trump condemned him.

Trump :

on the other hand

  • claimed that he was pro
  • srael during his presidency to
  • interpret his meal with anti-Semites.

Trump told Fox News

referring to his contentious choice to relocate the U.S.. Embassy from Tel Aviv and recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, that I had granted [Israel] the embassy in Jerusalem.

Nobody has demonstrated to be a stronger ally of Israel than Donald Trump.