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Marjorie blasts Tulsi Gabbard for criticizing a GOP representative who was caught lying


Marjorie blasts Tulsi Gabbard for

criticizing a GOP representative who was caught lying

Marjorie Taylor Green slams Tulsi Gabbard for new GOP representative caught lying: "I think we Republicans should give George Santos a chance and see how he legislates and votes, not treat him like the left."

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.)

invited former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard to dismantle Congressman-elect George Santos (R-N.Y.) in an interview with Fox News. Santos was caught lying about his autobiography and went to Fox News to defend himself.

Tulsi wasn't saying:

  • carrying yourself honorably. But that means telling the truth
  • being an honest person.

If you are one of those in the 3rd District of New York now

and now that the election is over and you have discovered all these lies that you said, not just one little lie or a little ornament, these are blatant lies. My question is, aren't you ashamed? Aren't you ashamed? 

Greene said:

  • Tulsi Gabbard, who says she is a former Democrat
  • gave Representative-elect George Santos any grace
  • while George admits and apologizes for lying about his autobiography

just as her former

colleagues gave George no grace and even demanded he resign.

Tulsi says George's actions on the House floor are most important

but George has not even had the opportunity to take action for his district on the House floor because he has not yet been sworn in.

Tulsi also says how his area can believe anything he says when he stands on the floor of the house and fights for them.


                    Interviewing George Santos after his lies                  were exposed

I also think that actions and words are very important

but I don't think previous democratic actions in the House of Representatives until 2020 gave it an A degree from Planned Parenthood

an F from the NRA

  • and presented a climate agenda that should legislation called OFF Law
  • designed to end all fossil fuels (like AOC's Green New Deal)
  • lectured a newly elected Republican member of
  • Congress on how to vote to represent his Republican district.

"I really appreciate that Tulsi says words that seem conservative now even though she can't take action to support them.

I can tell you that it is important for

politicians to be honest and transparent in their actions and statements. Lying or misleading the public can erode trust in government and undermine the democratic process. It is also important that politicians be held accountable for their actions and adhere to high moral standards.