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Federalist Glenn Kirshner said Trump could face 25 years in prison


Federal prosecutor Glenn Kirchner says Trump

could face 25 :

years in prison and be banned from a future position

After the House Select Committee considering the attack decided to criminally refer the DOJ earlier this month, former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirchner predicted that former President Donald Trump could receive up to 25 years in prison for crimes related to the other. Public Capitol riots.

Kirchner responded positively to the question about whether or not the recommendations were worthwhile during an interview on MSNBC's The ReidOut on Friday.

The Ministry of

Justice is proud to exercise independent prosecutorial discretion

but it cannot turn a blind eye to the existence of an equal branch of government that conducted such a thorough investigation when it passed all such evidence to the [Ministry of Justice] recommending criminal investigations and prosecutions.

According to two people with knowledge of the circumstance

who spoke to Politico

the Select Committee is likely to review a report Monday detailing possible criminal charges against Trump.

A subcommittee that assessed possible criminal referrals produced some recommendations. According to Politico, the former president is accused of rebellion, obstructing a formal investigation and conspiring to defraud the US government.

It is great that

they are talking about obstructing formal proceedings.

This is a crime for 20 years.

It's great that they're talking about a conspiracy to commit crimes against the United States, this is a crime for 5 years, Kirchner said Friday.

Whoever and for which irregularities will be on the referral list has not been disclosed by the Select Committee. The committee was divided over whether or not to pursue a criminal referral against Trump in the past, and therefore the decision on the matter was not finalized.

Referral may not necessarily have legal significance, but experts say it may still be dangerous to the former president.

Although the Justice Department is independent

such a referral is more than symbolic

Ion Min :

professor of law at the University of Wisconsin who is an assistant

told Newsweek earlier this month.

The referral from the Congressional Committee that

conducted its own inquiry has particular effect.

referral will place considerable pressure on the Ministry of Justice to prosecute, and the Ministry of Justice is expected to justify any decision to refuse referral. "

Kirchner stated that even if Trump goes to prison if found guilty of alleged crimes linked to Capitol disorder, it is necessary to pursue rebellion charges.

important :

is rebellion :

  • Due to the fact that the punishment for conviction of
  • rebellion unlike those other charges is that
  • you should be prevented from holding office in
  • the United States. It is quite frankly for which I support .

Trump supporters challenged the results of the 2020 presidential election on January 6, 2021, when the former president claimed he had been defeated by significant voter fraud without providing any evidence

to support these assurances.

The Select Committee is looking into whether

or not Trump interfered in certifying

Joe Biden's victory that particular day.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has not yet brought

any criminal charges against President Trump. 

The Justice Department's investigation into the former president's handling of highly sensitive documents, obtained by the FBI from his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort in August, is one of several criminal investigations already opened.

Trump has consistently denied any misconduct and claimed that before the records were taken from the White House, he declassified them.

The former president criticized the FBI

Justice Department and Democrats on his social media platform Truth Social on Saturday morning, calling them the "disease" ravaging America.

Our country is sick inside

  • very similar to anyone who dies of cancer.
  • The crooked FBI, the so-called Ministry of Justice

is cancer.

These armed thugs and tyrants must be dealt with, otherwise our beautiful and wonderful country will die!!! "He wrote.

"They're going from me because they're really going after you," the former president wrote in another post on Saturday.