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The ugliest statements made by Donald Trump and Marjorie regarding Zelensky's visit


The ugliest statements made by Donald Trump

and Marjorie regarding Zelensky's visit

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green and Donald Trump Jr.

made the ugliest statements they've ever made, which drew criticism.

 about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's unexpected visit to the United States.

Ukraine's president is in Washington, D.C.

to meet Vice President Joe Biden and address Congress in person.

Russia went to war with Ukraine 300 days ago

  • and Zelensky's first trip outside Ukraine since
  • then coincided with the historic meeting
  • which remained secret until Tuesday night.

Although Biden tweeted that he was "happy"

to welcome Zelensky to the United States

and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said America was "in awe of the bravery of the Ukrainian people," some MAGA Republicans are not happy with Zelensky's visit.

Trump Jr. conveyed his complaints about Zelensky

the woman he called the Queen of International Welfare.

and about Republicans' support for Ukrainian defense efforts on Twitter.

He wrote:

"Mitch McConnell actually said yesterday that

the first priority for Republicans is... Ukraine ".

  • I haven't yet met a single Republican who thinks so
  • but I think the disconnect between actual Republicans
  • and DC swamp mice shouldn't surprise anyone."

Zelensky is

essentially a unjust queen of international welfare,"

  • Trump Jr. wrote in a subsequent tweet
  • adding that his father made no contributions to
  • the U.S. economy's federal income taxes in 2020.

Green :

  • the right-wing conspiracy theorist
  • issued an eight-part rhetoric about U.S.
  • aid to Ukraine in response to his criticism.

The Republican Congressman from MAGA criticized the awarding of funds to Ukraine in its harsh positions, and bizarrely referred to the "lover."

Mitch McConnell helps pass nearly $2 trillion from Onnimonster so he can deliver a $47 billion check to Zelenskyy when he appears in the capital today.

But in my district :

  • many families and older people can't afford food

  • and many companies are having trouble even without Biden's policies, she wrote.

  • Greene continued to assert that she spoke for the American people
  • a claim that was quickly refuted by many Americans.

The congresswoman tweeted that all of the divided and totally clueless government officials as well as the shielded media exist in a bubble and only communicate with one another.

They're very naive and ignorant and they think my views are extreme but they're completely blind and stupid about the fact that what I'm saying is exactly what Americans feel.

Her long statement came a few hours

after she called Zelensky a "shadow president" for refusing to leave Ukraine when the war began so that he could survive and lead his country's defence efforts.

Of course :

  • To Congress, the shadow president must appear.
  • elucidate why he requires billions of dollars in funding
  • American taxpayer money for the 51st state


That's ridiculous. Put America first!! "I tweeted.

Many social media users criticized the two for their remarks

describing what they saw as their hypocrisy.

One Twitter user called Trump Jr.

He was referred to as a dad boy

The "stupidest remark ever" was termed it and ridiculed for it.

The boy of my father who met a foreign opponent who was trying to sabotage the US election, dares to discredit a true hero fighting Putin and defending his nation in the face of a genocidal war? This might be the stupidest note ever from Junior. That was a major achievement.


Look at that queen and take some courage lessons from her.


what being an adult entails, a different speaker added.

Others pointed out how ironic his remarks were that they came hours after a report showed how little tax his father paid while in

the White House.

"Your father doesn't pay his taxes.

Lincoln Project tweeted to Trump Jr. sit this down, my friend.

In addition to receiving criticism this week

  • for previously publishing an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory
  • Green also came under fire from Americans
  • who called on her to abandon pretending to speak on their behalf.

No no no you don't say how Americans feel


We really can't afford you. I'm not trying to be mean

but the moment your name is mentioned, everyone I know begins to laugh.


Don't speak for us.

You can talk hard about yourself, one user tweeted.

Others tried to convince Green that helping Ukraine could be in the interest of the United States, calling it "selfish".

By helping Ukrainians

we place America first.

Fighting the war there or we have to fight the Russians in Europe except for Taylor Swift to be on the USO platform, not Glenn Miller, "one person tweeted.

When I was growing up

I've always learnt to prioritize others over myself.

I've learned not to be selfish. You Republicans don't think of others. You're just thinking about yourself. Why not just say what you're saying?

 Another tweeted.

Prior to Zelensky's trip to Washington, D.C.

which he claims would improve Ukraine's "resilience and defensive capabilities" in the event of a Russian attack, right-wing figures made a fuss.

When Zelensky arrived at the White House

Biden welcomed him.

The two leaders then descended on a two-hour meeting.

At a subsequent joint press conference

Zelensky and Biden were to make a formal announcement of the U.S. intention to provide Ukraine with an additional $2 billion in security assistance, including the Patriot missile defense system.

Ukraine's president accepted Nancy Pelosi's invitation to address Congress jointly on Wednesday night, and he was scheduled to do so.

Zelensky was to give the Ukrainian flag

written by Ukrainian soldiers

to Biden and Congress as a token of appreciation for U.S.

support during the conflict.