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A Catholic bishop calls Hillary Clinton an "evil woman" and tells the public not to listen to her "lies."


A Catholic bishop calls Hillary Clinton an "evil woman"

and tells the public not to listen to her "lies."

A Catholic bishop in Texas criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her comments comparing pro-life in America to brutal regimes in Afghanistan and Sudan.

The Diocese of Tyler's fourth bishop is Bishop Joseph Edward Strickland..

It was drawn in Episcopal on November 28, 2012, by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, of the Diocese of Galveston-Houston.

Speaking from the Women's Voices Summit at Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas

Hillary said:

We have come a long way since I made this statement in 1995 on many fronts.

But we're also in a period of time where there's a lot of regression and a lot of progress that, I think, was taken for granted by a lot of people being attacked.

They are effectively attacked

  • in places such as Iran, Afghanistan or Ukraine
  • where rape is a method of warfare
  • or is attacked by political and cultural forces in a country such as ours
  • when it comes to women's health care and physical independence.

It is absolutely appalling to think that

we are in any way linked to poor Afghanistan and the Sudan.

But as an economy that is allegedly advanced, according to this measure, we are unfortunately dealing with them properly.

This conflict is between authoritarianism and democracy from our country to places where we cannot even believe that we compare.

One of the stories in my mind is that black women often

even educated and wealthy women like Serena Williams, come close to death when they give birth because people don't care about it, Clinton said.

Today :

women across the United States and around the world face challenges to their freedom, Stephanie Street, executive director of the Clinton Foundation, said in a statement.

We will examine the historical struggle to defend and advance women's rights through the ongoing Women's Voices Fair and this week's Summit by combining a wide range of voices, perspectives, and solutions to accelerate progress towards equality.

Enter Bishop Strickland who said:

Please :

please do not listen to this evil woman.

Her lies and dawn must be silenced

for the good of mankind.

According to Fox News

the Islamic State of Sudan prohibits abortion except when a woman is raped or her life is in danger. Afghan Islamic State prohibits abortion unless the mother's life is in danger